What Causes Depression During Pregnancy?

You’ve seen the movies and heard the gushing stories of how wonderful the pregnancy experience is. While for some this is true, the simple fact is that this is not always the case. Many expecting mothers don’t have smooth pregnancies and end up feeling depressed before the baby is born. This can be hard for all involved parties to deal with. 

That’s why it’s essential that you know what causes depression during pregnancy and make sure that you have regular appointments with your obstetrician Sydney, or the one closest to where you live. This is especially important as it’s believed that 20% of women don’t get the mental health checks they need and deserve.


Depression during pregnancy is the same as any other type of depression. You’ll feel unavoidably sad, anxious, and perhaps like there is no way out. Of course, being pregnant makes this even tougher as you’ll also experience guilt, specifically that you should be happy and celebrating.

Alongside this, many expecting mothers don’t like to disclose the fact that they are not enjoying the pregnancy or feeling right, leaving them suffering in silence.

Causes of Depression In Pregnancy

There are many different things that can cause depression during pregnancy.

  • Anxiety

Many women are anxious about the health of the unborn baby and perhaps their own health. They are anxious about what they’ll do when the baby is born and how they’ll cope. This anxiety can build up and lead to a feeling of being inadequate or unable to cope.

  • Stress

Stress is bad for your health in general and excessive levels of stress during pregnancy can prevent normal hormone production. With your body needing all the hormones for the baby your health can start to suffer. The stress compounds this and leaves you feeling exhausted and lacking, contributing to your depression. 

  • Previously Depressed

Anyone who has a history of depression is at a higher risk of depression during pregnancy. This is because they are already suffering from poor self-esteem. It doesn’t take much for this to be knocked again, even a negative comment from a friend can start the depression creeping back in.

  • Lack Of Support

The further along you get through the pregnancy the more you start to think about the magnitude of the task ahead of you. This is normal.

However, if you don’t have enough support during the pregnancy you’re likely to feel that it will all be too much for you. This leads to feeling unable to cope and becoming anxious, then depressed about it. Specifically, you’ll be unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Taking Action

If you’re concerned about depression, starting to feel depressed, or are already suffering from pregnancy depression, it’s important to get help. This starts with talking to someone and speaking to your health professional to ensure the pregnancy is proceeding properly.

Depression during pregnancy can be very difficult but with the right network of support, you can get through it and find the joy in life again.