How to Identify a Good Jigsaw Puzzle

People rate the quality of puzzles differently. A puzzle that you find attractive may be utterly boring to another person. However, certain types of jigsaw puzzles seem to be more popular than others. 

Here are some things that make a good jigsaw puzzle:

1. App beauty

Nowadays, you don’t have to wait until game night or carry pocket-sized puzzles to enjoy putting together one. With mobile phones and tablets, the convenience of a fun jigsaw puzzle is accessible at any time of the day, anywhere. Mobile apps such a Sudoku, Tetris, and others come with challenging difficulty, beautiful art, and rewarding experiences. A jigsaw puzzle is no different now. With robust graphics and constant challenging levels, a mobile app jigsaw puzzle does a good puzzle. 

2. Some are old-school made of wood

Most jigsaw puzzlers prefer buying wooden puzzles because of their quality. Unlike cardboard, wood is long-lasting and can allow you to make unique cuts on it. Though wooden puzzles may be slightly more expensive than their cardboard counterparts, their quality is worth the price. 

3. Cuts

Most players would play a jigsaw puzzle that has a fantastic cut. Though many puzzles have such cuts, Par and Stave are the most preferred. Because of their popularity and quality, there are expensive. However, hundreds of other manufacturers have also come up with creative and high-quality cuts. Some things to look for in a quality cut include sharp or smooth curves that fit well, medium knobs that can’t break off, and the absence of gaps to enable the pieces to fit together. 

4. Unique Shapes

Quality puzzles have neat and unique shapes. Most manufacturers refer to them are whimsical silhouettes or unique pieces. On these shapes, names, hobbies, dates, license plates, and everyday objects are used to model the puzzle pieces. They make the puzzle a little easier to solve and incredibly exciting.

5. Pictures

The quality of images depends on your tastes and preferences. People will like pictures of what they relate to, such as trees, cars, water bodies, or buildings. However, others also like whimsical designs, images of people, and famous places. Great puzzles use images that most people love to associate with.

6. 3D 

 In the recent past, jigsaw puzzle manufacturers used to make 2D puzzles. Now, due to the popularity of 3D, they’ve changed their designs. With advanced technology that can simulate different shapes, most manufacturers are doing 3D puzzles. Not only are 3D puzzles complex, but they’re also visually appealing and exciting.

7. Thickness

Some players consider thin-pieced and lighter puzzles inferior and cheap. Heavy pieces have a sense of quality. That’s why when people go to buy the puzzles, they hold them to feel their weight. Others also don’t prefer light woods because they feel like cardboard. A good puzzle needs to have a heavy or layered wood piece.

8. Non-rectangular Puzzles 

People love playing exciting games. Also, when choosing puzzles, they prefer the ones that don’t have regular shapes. Puzzles that are not rectangular spice the game. If you want to experience fun playing jigsaw puzzles, why not try the ones that aren’t rectangular.

The Bottom-line

Jigsaw puzzles may not be a new game because they’ve been in existence for a long time. They’ve evolved from simple hand-cut wooden materials to complex games targeting gamers and enthusiasts from all over the world. When you go to buy this puzzle, you want to get one with the highest quality, doing puzzles make you happy, enjoy the challenge. These few qualities can help you select the best jigsaw puzzle you’ve wanted to have.