8 Storage Drawers that Every Home Should Have

We cannot do without drawers, be it in the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, or even the bathroom. Drawers are the little house pockets that help us know where something is at all times. What most people do not know however is that there is more than one type of drawers that you can install in your house with each serving a unique function. The following are the eight main types of storage drawers that exist.

Stackable Drawers

These are drawers that are made in a vertical column, sitting on top of each other. To use them, you just open and pull the one you want and place items in it before closing again. Most come in stacks of between 3 and 10 and they can be very handy in the kitchen where you can assign each for the different small cutlery; one for forks, one for spoons, and another one for knives. Stackable drawers can be made of plastic and they can also be standalone structures that you can move around the house to any strategic place.

Rolling Drawers

Rolling drawers are the type that has rolling wheels underneath them and they can be pushed around the house to any point you want. They are very handy in the kitchen and some are small enough to fit on top of a table next to the sink. Most are made out of plastic from top to bottom and can be used to store cutlery and other small items. they are also not limited to the kitchen alone. If making good use of space is your kind of thing, then this is the drawer for you.

Storage Cabinets

These are the most common furniture pieces in most homes. They are stand-alone structures that look like wardrobes but smaller. They come with compartments that have doors that open to sets of drawers inside. Storage cabinets make for good accessories as they add an aesthetic touch if you know how to position them in the living room or along hallways. Just make sure they do not impede any movement as they can be a pain if you run into them while moving about.


Dressers are most commonly found in bedrooms and are used to store clothing items like undergarments and face towels. They are smaller than conventional wardrobes and many are usually placed near the bed for easy access. Dressers are made out of wood with some featuring very artistic carvings. Aside from the bedroom, other places where you can put dressers include the bathroom or even the library where they can be used to store small items like pencils and pocket diaries.

Bed Drawers

Bed drawers are some of the most ingenious furniture designs that you will ever come across. They are drawers that are carved into the bed such that you simply pull them out, place items in them and push them back in, it is a design that kills three birds with one stone; a bed that doubles up as a drawer that helps you free up space for something else. Bed drawers are a good way of utilizing space if you are living in a tiny apartment. The drawers are usually big enough to store neatly folded clothes and other items as well. 

Coffee Table Drawers

Much like the bed drawers, a coffee table can also be equipped with small drawers that you can use to store small items in them. They are also a good addition to a small apartment set up that looks to create more space. The drawers inside a coffee table can be used to keep essentials like pens, paper, that small wireless keyboard, and charging cables for your various devices. 

Bench Drawers

This is another clever design that has drawers built into the underbelly of a bench or a chair. This type of bench would work best on the porch and can be used to store up some outdoor items that you may want to keep out of the sun or the rain when you do not have any space left for them in the house. Most of these benches are made using hardwood materials and are very sturdy. On top of providing an extra place to keep things, these benches also add beauty to your house.

Charging Drawers

These are drawers that have charging ports inside them where you can place your phones, tablets, and other small devices while charging them. The main reason for having this setup in the house is when you have children running around and you want to charge your devices without anyone tampering with them. They are also a good way of protecting your devices from being spilled on with liquids. 


Drawers can be considered to be one of the most necessary pieces of furniture in the house. Most houses have them pre-installed in every room but there will always be space to bring your own when you move in. Being made of hardwood, many go years without sustaining any damage aside from the usual repairs once in a while. To ensure they are always in tiptop condition, have a set of bulk drawer slides somewhere in the house that you can use every time the drawers come undone.