10 Things to Think About Before Getting that Haircut

Before putting scissors to hair, here are some of the things you need to think about:

Be Sure

Do you really need a haircut? Buyer’s remorse is a little different when you’re cutting your hair. You can’t just “Do you really need a haircut? Buyer’s remorse is a little different when you’re cutting your hair. You can’t just “return” it. It can take months and even years for your hair to reach the same length again. Therefore, think it through first before sitting down on that barber’s chair. Getting a haircut from your trusted barbershop in San Diego is also important. 

Have the Budget for Short Hair

If you think for a second that you will be doing your finances a favor by cutting down your hair then you are mistaken. Shorter hair is no different when it comes to maintenance costs, if anything, it costs a lot more to keep it looking good at all times, you will still be going through the same hoops and you will still be needing the same products, be it mousse, gels or private label shampoo and conditioners. Some short hairstyles are much harder to pull off and this is why hairstylists charge a lot for them. If cutting costs is your end game then shave everything down to their very roots. 

Will it Work with your Work?

As much as we hate to admit it, there are certain standards expected of people in the work environment. Unless you are in the creative industry where anything goes, being in a more professional environment will play a huge role in determining what you want to do with your hair. Before attempting anything, find out if cutting your hair will be appropriate for the workplace. It should never come down to that but there are rules and norms to conform to.

Know the Shape of Your Face

There are a lot of unflattering things that the hair hides, things we would never notice about ourselves until all the hair falls down. Funny head shapes for instance. You may grow up thinking you are the cutest thing to ever happen since the barbie doll only to realize you have a head shaped like an Airbus Beluga, with a head too big for your face. Know your features well and then get a hairstyle that compliments them. In short, do not do this on your own, see a good hairstylist.

Choose a Good Hairstylist

You will not like the reflection that will be looking back at you in the morning if you let an amateur work on your head in the name of a haircut. Being that big of a deal, cutting your hair should be done at the hands of someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Your best bet would be a place where they deal, exclusively, with hair cults. This way you will not only be assured of getting the best service but at the same time, you will be advised on what to go for.

Choose a Hairstyle

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you do not have to submit yourself to irreversible trial and error experiments. You can simply look up online for various hairstyle trends that may look good on you then choose a couple that works best and carries the images with you to the salon. Another better option would be to play around with the many apps that allow you to virtually try on different hairstyles until you find the one that fits your face well. Possibilities are unlimited. Another question to ask is how qualified is the hairdresser? Are they using proper hairdressing scissor sets? Doing your due diligence is important when making a hairstyle change.

Be Ready for a New Routine

A haircut changes a lot of things and you will not realize that until you have it all on the floor. For starters, you may have to find new material for covering your head while you go to bed. Even the washing routine will have to be altered while at the same time you will need new hair products. The changes may be a little bit overwhelming but you will slide into your new hair routine faster than you can blink.

Your Hair Type

Not all hairs are created equal, some are thick, some are fine and some are very thin. There are haircuts that thin hair cannot accommodate with the same principles applying to the other hair types. First, know the type of hair on your head then start browsing for the best haircuts that you can get out of the. The next step would be to visit your stylist for advice and to find out whether they can hack what you have in mind. 


Cutting hair, especially for women, is a big event that never happens without good reason. Therefore, take your time thinking things through, sleep on it several times, and see if you will have changed your mind in the morning. If you do decide to go ahead with cutting your hair, remember that hair always grows back.