Can Mice Spread Disease?

In a pet shop mice can look cute, running around your home they are not. Unfortunately, if you see one mouse running across your kitchen floor it’s highly likely that there will be a lot more mice living at your house. 

If you’re offering the warmth, food, and water, they’re happy. In return, they are offering you damage and disease. That’s why you need to contact a pest control expert as soon as you see any sign of a mouse infestation. 

There are two major health risks associated with mice in your home.


Mice chew through almost anything. That includes the protective sheath on your electrical cables. Unfortunately, if the protective sheath is removed the inner wires can touch. This causes a short circuit.

The spark from a short circuit or the heat buildup can ignite combustible material and set your house on fire.

That’s a potentially deadly health risk. 


Once you realize the array of diseases carried by mice you’ll want to contact your local pest experts and find out more info about getting them to get rid of any infestation in your home.

The short answer to do mice spread disease is yes. 

Mice carry an array of diseases and many of them can have fatal consequences. That’s how dangerous mice can be.

  • Hantavirus

This is usually transmitted to humans via the white-footed deer mouse. You can pick up the bacteria simply by inhaling of infected mouse urine or droppings. 

You’ll experience chills, abdominal pain, headaches, and dizziness. Ultimately it can cause death.

  • Bubonic Plague

In the Middle Ages, the bubonic plague killed one-third of the population in Europe. It’s very contagious and highly deadly.

The plague is actually carried by fleas. However, these fleas tend to live on mice and rats, making it comparatively easy for the flea to get to you.

You’ll experience fever, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, and potentially death.

  • Salmonellosis

This is a type of food poisoning. The good news is that despite intense abdominal pain, fever, and diarrhea, this disease won’t kill you. 

It’s spread by coming into contact with mice feces, which is much easier to do than you may think. 

  • Rat-Bite Fever

Despite the name, this is transmitted as much by mice as by rats. You simply need to consume a piece of food that has been contaminated by mice. That means they can walk over the food or you prepare food where they’ve walked. 

You’ll get a fever, vomit develop a rash, have muscle pain, and headaches. It can kill although doesn’t every time. 

Mice spread disease and pose a serious threat to your ongoing health. That’s why it’s essential that you take steps to prevent mice from getting into your home. If you do see any in your home, or even around it, you need to contact the professionals and have the infestation taken care of.

It’s better for your health and the health of your home.