The 5 Best Foam Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Many people cozy themselves in their beds by resting on their backs while reading books, novels, playing games, or watching television. Only a few numbers of individuals rest with their backs directly flat towards the surface of the bed. A trait that is usually known amongst back-sleepers.

Characteristics of Mattresses Suitable for Back Sleepers

Back sleepers are a rare percentage of the population, where an individual desires to sleep on their backs. They usually want a mattress that is firm enough to align the rear of their heads, spine, shoulder blades, and their lower backs to prevent unwanted pain. Back sleepers are considerate about a mattresses’ cushioning and the comfortability it could provide.

Dozens of mattresses are designed in tune with the back sleeper’s daily needs. Reviews about a topic revolving around Helix vs Leesa mattress were made since both offer specialized features catering to back sleepers. These types of mattresses could give a good night’s sleep with considerable firmness, cushion, and comfortability.

Another factor to consider is whether a newly bought mattress could be the answer to an individual affected with back problems. The surface of the mattress should be firm enough with features designed to cradle known pressure points. It should be able to successfully relieve pain, give adequate comfort, and provide proper spinal alignment.

Mattresses Specially Made for Back Sleepers

Purchasing the proper mattress is rather complex but attainable. An individual should consider their sleeping position, present health conditions, and if motion can disturb their resting time. Another essential factor would be the materials that these mattresses are made from.

  1. Helix Mattress

Best supported for back sleeping, Helix mattresses come in a variety of available sizes. These mattresses are known for their hybrid type which consists of two inches of memory foam, an inch of polyfoam layer, supported by six wrapped coils. The mattress is base layered with DuraFoam.

Helix is stated to be good for back sleepers since the surface foam contours with a person’s lumbar area. The firmness of the mattress lets the hips sink in comfortably. The supports are well-researched and designed to relieve pressure points.

  1. Stearns and Foster Estate Rockwell

A mattress with a quilted cushioned surface. It is a combination of an innerspring mattress with a dense layer of memory foam. Its design is of the lofty type with strong foundational support by its innerspring layer. Stearns and Foster’s memory foam are exclusively made by scientists at Tempur-Pedic and patented solely by Stearns and Foster Estate.

  1. Tempur-Adapt Medium Hybrid

The mattress is a hybrid of the classic foam and coil assembly that aligns a back sleeper’s spine perfectly on its firm surface. A memory foam serves as its surface cushion embracing every curve of an individual’s resting body. The hybrid mattress adapts quickly with the pressure and temperature placed upon its surface.

  1. WinkBed (Luxury Firm)

This mattress features a pillowy like surface that functions as pressure relievers. These pillow-like structures rely on micro-coils reinforced by a top layer of dense pillow foam. Pocket coils positioned strategically around its structure provides excellent motion isolation to prevent sleep disturbances.

  1. Leesa Hybrid Mattress

The Leesa Hybrid Mattress is a combination of a top layer of cooling foam and beneath its surface would be dense memory foam. The mattress has a foundation made of a firm structure of coils. It is comparably bouncier than other mattresses. The Leesa Hybrid Mattress is considered to be sturdier and its surface is scaled to be on the softer end of medium firmness.


In the rare occasion for a back sleeper to choose a suitable mattress, definite mattress features and characteristics need to be known. A good mattress for the back sleeping position should provide good spinal alignment, a cradle for the shoulders and hips, and contours for the lower back. These traits are often on the mind of modern mattress developers and it is why quality mattresses for back sleepers are manufactured by most leading brands.