10 Crypto Traders to Follow on Twitter this Year

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If you’re new to cryptocurrency, learning to read the market is like drinking water out of a fire hydrant.  Twitter is a great resource to learn technical analysis from experienced traders for free.  We sifted through hundreds of accounts and selected ten great crypto traders that you can start learning from.  We filtered out a lot of accounts that were promoting sponsored tweets or doing giveaways unrelated to crypto.  Rather, the selections were based on:

  • Educational value; Simplicity and clarity in technical analysis; Insight and accuracy with market trends
  • Diversity of topics and coins; Interaction with followers
  • Crypto related tweets > unrelated topics; Entertainment and personality.

 1.  Ethereum Jack | @BTC_JackSparrow

Gives great insight into the “market psychology” behind buying/selling crypto.  Uses charts and breaks down technical analysis.  No BS vibe.

2.  The Wolf Of All Streets | @scottmelker

Scott’s style is like a running commentary into his own investments decisions and portfolio.  Great for getting into the mindset of a trader.

3.  Jake aka Korean Jew Trading | @koreanjewcrypto

Jake does a good job of using charts to explain market trends.  He takes into consideration social/political events, and shares insights with own trading. Clear, simple explanations.  Also active on his Youtube page. 

4.  Luke Martin | @VentureCoinist

Luke often includes the insights of other investors, analysts, and projects into his own analysis.  He does a good job of bringing you focused analysis and also helping you see a broad overview of the market.

5.  Credible Crypto | @CredibleCrypto

Uses a lot of charts and diagrams.  Interacts with followers.  A quick side-note: for anyone you decide to follow, not just CredibleCrypto, there have been people impersonating him and trying to DM his followers.

6.  CRYPTO₿IRB | @crypto_birb

He has a pinned tweet that gives a great breakdown of how to read a chart.  That alone is worth a follow.

7.  K A L E O | @CryptoKaleo

Kaleo makes a lot of predictions based on charts. Helpful as you become more experienced to see what factors come into play.

8.  moon is tweeting | @MoonOverlord

If you use trading view, MoonOverlord publishes his own charts for you to see.  More on the technical side if you are just getting started, would be good for intermediate.  A lot of interaction with followers. 

9.  The Crypto Monk | @thecryptomonk

A good mix of tracking Bitcoin and Ethereum and some altcoins.  Charts are clearly marked and explained for possible buy/sell points.

10.  Crypto Michaël | @CryptoMichNL

Michaël does a good job covering major coins and altcoins.  Offers good insights into market predictions.  And helpful to see a European perspective.


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