What Happens if You Drink Water that Contains Lead?

Not so many years ago lead piping was commonly used in homes to carry the water from the main valve to the various taps.  Even if your home didn’t have lead piping, it may have had lead solder on the joins. 

The problem is that lead leaches into water, you then drink the water, effectively consuming lead. This is harmful which is why, if you suspect lead piping or lead solder, you should invest in a reverse osmosis filter that can remove the lead from the water for you. You can check out more information with this reputable supplier of water filters Sydney.

Lead is defined as toxic to the human body, even at low levels. It’s a heavy metal that cannot easily be expelled from the human body. This makes the most common form of lead poisoning chronic, the long-term exposure to lead. It is possible to get an acute case due to sudden and extreme exposure, but this is increasingly rare. 

Those at highest risk are children and unborn babies. This is because their tolerance level for lead is lower than an adult, increasing the harm and risk associated with lead consumption.

Child Damage

Research suggests that even low exposure in children can damage their neurological growth and central nervous system. It can also cause learning disabilities, reduced height, bad hearing, improper function of blood cells, and even attention disorders. 

In other words, it’s a serious issue for children and a condition that may not be noticed until it has already done the damage. 

Lead poisoning in children leads to low IQ, hyperactivity, anemia, slow growth, hearing issues, and behavioral problems. 

Lead isn’t just in water pipes, it can also be in paint, an issue if you have an old house that needs redecorating. You can also find it in old toy cars, food, and the soil. 

It’s possible that ingestion of lead can lead to a coma or even death but this is rare.

Pregnant Women

Lead is stored in your body in your bones. During pregnancy, this can be released instead of calcium to help the new baby build their own bones. It’s particularly likely if the mum doesn’t have sufficient calcium levels.

The lead will slow the growth of the baby and possibly lead to deformations, as well as premature birth. 


Although an adult has a higher tolerance level that doesn’t mean they are immune to the effects of lead. It will cause high blood pressure, hypertension, reproductive issues, and a decrease in kidney function. 

The good news is that ingestion is the only issue to be considered. Showering won’t increase the levels of lead in your body.

Action To Take

Check with your state to get a copy of the latest water quality report. You can also get your water tested to ensure there is no lead in it. Most importantly, add a reverse osmosis water filter to your water supply and be confident that the lead has been removed.