How to Save Money With Your Printer

If you are looking to save money with your printer then you have come to the right place! To help you out we have come up with some new and exciting ideas to help you keep your cash in the bank. When you consider how much we all spend on printer ink every year, it makes sense to want to find new ways to save cash and with these ideas you will never regret owning a printer again.

Buy XL Cartridges

One of the biggest ink cons of all time is a regular sized cartridge as printer manufacturers only ever half fill the cartridge. The reason for this is to make as much money per cartridge as possible and explains why many of us feel like our ink runs out far too quickly.

However, there is a solution to this! Buying an XL cartridge will cost you more but not double the price of a regular cartridge. The printer cartridge itself does not change size but the XL version is topped up completely meaning that you get far more ink to enjoy than if you stick with the regular sized ones.

Clean The Printer Head Regularly

It may sound crazy but cleaning your printer can prolong the life of your cartridges for printer machines. Each printer comes with an in-built cleaning function that you should deeply once every 3 – 6 months. When you use this function the printer will clear out the printer head and make sure that there is not any build-up of ink.

As well as regular cleaning helping to save you money with printer ink, it will also help to keep your printer in excellent working order. A printer that is functioning well will always use the optimal amount of ink and keep you from having to spend money on more ink before it is really needed.

Buy Replacement Ink 

One of the best and most exciting ways of saving your cash is by using a replacement ink service to get all the ink top ups you need. This industry has come a long way over the years and replacement ink is now a viable and excellent choice for printer owners.

Smart Ink is one of these companies pioneering the way forward and making excellent ink. For example, here is a company that have spent a signification time and effort to research and produce top-quality ink but who also pass the savings directly onto the customer to help them save money. Replacement ink is an obvious, but excellent idea!

Print Only What You Need

Our final tip may sound obvious but it is the way that most of us waste the most ink every year. Printing by accident, printing drafts and letting the kids print off their favourite cartoon characters all wastes significant amounts of ink that you could save by being more sensible about what you send to print each time.

The next time you need to print something, take a moment to reflect on whether you really need it or if your child really needs what they are asking for. If the answer is not 100% yes then try to avoid that print button and instead edit on-screen. By making this small change you are likely to save a significant amount of ink every year.