The Most Common Property Maintenance Issues

Be it a market plaza, a multi-storey building, a townhouse, or a commercial complex, it is the responsibility of the Property Owners’ Association to take care of all repairs and maintenance work related to the property.

However, many are not aware that there are several hidden maintenance and repair jobs that, if not done in time, can lead to big-ticket expenses.

Listed below are the most common property maintenance issues that require attention to ensure cost-effectiveness, safety, and comfort. 

Residual Current Device Test

Designed to save lives, a Residual Current Device, or RCD, protects people from getting a life-threatening electric shock if they accidentally touch an exposed live component of an electrical unit. 

Also known as a safety switch, a Residual Current Device delivers more safety than an ordinary circuit breaker to safeguard human life and property.

Under Australian Standards, it is a mandatory requirement to conduct a push-button test of the RCD every 6 months. You should get it done by a certified technician who has experience in electrical safety systems.

Wash Down of the Building

While this applies to all buildings, periodic wash downs are an absolute necessity for buildings in the seaside suburbs to keep the structure in good condition.

This is because the salt in the air can cause severe corrosion and degradation of paint-coated surfaces, which can trigger various maintenance issues, including water leakages.


Rusting, or oxidation of iron, happens when iron comes into contact with oxygen and water. When there is salt in the air, iron is more likely to rust faster because of electrochemical reactions.

Stains, flakes, and cracks on concrete faces may indicate rust, as in, the concrete is absorbing water, causing iron corrosion.

If left untreated, rust can create severe structural damage that can cause fatal accidents.

Paint Work

Exterior paintwork does a lot more than just heightening the appeal and value of a building.

Preparing a regular paintwork schedule will shield exterior surfaces from any element that could cause wrapping, rotting, or rusting of the material underneath. 

Roof Leak

When the roof leaks, water flows along the upper surface of the ceilings, roof rafters, or the sheathing, till it finds space to drip.

A leaking roof can not only damage your favourite carpet or furniture, but it can also put your life at risk.

Roof leaks are a sign of water pooling in between the roof and ceiling. The pooling of water creates undesirable stress and weight on the insulation, drywall, and beams, which can cause the roof to collapse. 

Various reasons can make the roof leak. Only an expert can perform a holistic assessment to determine where the water is coming from.

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