How to Use CBD as a Sleep Aid

CBD is known to help promote healthy sleep, but it needs to be used properly to do so. You can’t just eat an edible five minutes before going to bed and expect it to work. Different consumption methods require different approaches to enjoy a healthy sleep with CBD’s help.

The Basics of CBD for Sleep

CBD is a naturally calming substance found in cannabis plants. Most commercially available CBD in the world is extracted from hemp, which means CBD contains very little THC. Usually, that’s a positive, but when it comes to sleep, this carries a downside.

Medical marijuana has long been used as a sleep aid, especially for people suffering from anxiety disorders, and its benefits are well known. However, marijuana contains significant amounts of both CBD and THC, and both substances are sleep aids.

Specifically, CBD is responsible for helping you slow down and relax, which can make it easier for you to fall asleep. It can also help you sleep deeper and longer, leading to a more restful night.

That said, CBD will not stop you from having dreams or nightmares. THC is the substance responsible for suppressing REM sleep, which leads to dreamless nights. If you are suffering from recurring nightmares, CBD is worth a try, but it might not solve your problem.

How to Sleep Better

To sleep better, you should be in bed by the time the effects of CBD start to peak. That will help you relax and drift into sleep without much tossing and twisting. For people who are often kept up by anxiety, this can be a handy tool. CBD might be the solution to stop you from staying up all night before an important presentation or interview.

What you need to keep in mind is that the delay and the duration of CBD’s effects vary depending on your consumption method. That, in turn, should change how soon you should use CBD before going to bed.

1 – CBD Edibles

Edibles take a long time to go into effect — as long as an hour. The exact length of the delay varies depending on the current state of your body. This makes edibles unpredictable and unreliable in a variety of ways. That said, edibles have the longest-lasting effects of all consumption methods, regularly lasting over six hours. If you are hoping to be under the effects of CBD all night, this is the best option. Just make sure you eat your edible at least an hour before bedtime.

2 – CBD Vaping

Vaping is effective almost immediately. Meaning you can vape CBD in bed and turn around to fall asleep. That said, the effects of vaping wear off quickly, so if you vape CBD and get distracted doing chores or with your phone, you might need an extra hit by the time you go to bed.

3 – CBD Oils

When placed under your tongue, CBD oil takes around five minutes to start being effective. Use CBD oil just before going to bed, and you should drift into sleep without too much delay. CBD oil stays active for 3-4 hours, so by the time it wears off, you should be fast asleep. If you keep waking up in the middle of the night, experiment with a stronger dose or switch to using edibles. You can buy CBD oil from and other online stores.