The Benefits of Regular Sex for Men, Especially During the Current Crisis

While women’s desire for sex is usually prompted by their mind, memories, or emotional feelings of connection, for men, desire is a more physical thing. Men have huge amounts of testosterone running through their bodies, which makes sex much more physical for them. Young men in particular often become physically aroused at the slightest touch, and most men get turned on at the sight of their naked partner.

Contrary to the popular belief that men are selfish for needing sex, sex for men is a way to reach mutual satisfaction, please their partner, and improve as a lover. So, why is sex so important to men, and why do most men need it regularly? 

It Shows Strength:

In order to understand the importance of sex in a relationship, it’s important to look at it from a male point of view. Women need to be cherished and loved, which is often through verbal and physical signs of affection, while on the other hand, men tend to be more straightforward and primal in their needs. The importance of sex for men in a relationship is because it shows unity and strength. It is often how men see that the relationship is alive and strong; sex shows him that you are happy together and that you are both getting what you need out of the relationship with each other. 

A Connection:

Relationships and sex are not mutually exclusive, but men often think of sex as the main thing that keeps you connected in a relationship. It is important to a man that sex is a priority in the relationship. He needs this connection, as it’s not just about the physical intimacy, but more about staying strong together as a couple in a way that he appreciates and understands. Even if you have a fight, you might use sex to reconnect with one another; being physical shows that you are still close to one another. 


Sex is often directly linked to a man’s self-esteem. When he is able to pleasure and satisfy his partner in the bedroom and knows that he is making her feel good, a man will automatically receive an ego boost and feel good about himself too. It is important for most men to be able to please their partner, which is why it’s so important to communicate about intimacy issues more honestly.

Is the Current Crisis Affecting Your Sex Life?

Currently, the COVID19 pandemic sweeping the world is affecting many aspects of our lives and relationships. Many couples who previously lived apart are now spending time with each other 24/7 after moving in together for the period of lockdown, while others are unable to spend time with each other physically. Recent laws prohibiting private gatherings mean that while it might now be possible to visit your partner in an outdoor space, getting physical with them is still off the cards. Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to make sure that you both remain as sexually satisfied as possible during this unusual time. 

Phone and Video Sex:

Now might be a good time to get used to getting intimate with each other over the phone or on a video call. For most couples who are used to sexy time in person, getting started with this can be awkward but you’ll be a pro with practice, and getting used to it will come in handy in the future if you ever need to be apart from one another again. Build the mood up throughout the day with sexy texts so that when you finally hear each other’s voices, you can’t wait to tell each other all about your desire. Don’t be shy; now’s a great time to invest in some sexy lingerie or even role play costumes that you can use to spice up those video calls

Sex Toys:

Investing in some sex toys can be a great way to spice up your sex life while you are apart, whether you are a man or a woman. Consider browsing the selection of toys here at Sex Toy Saver to find something that works for you. There’s a wide range of available from basic vibrators and strokers to more adventurous toys. If you’re new to sex toys, start small with something that you can easily use on yourself while on the phone with your partner or over a video call. Why not invest in a toy that you and your partner can use together, like a bullet vibrator that your partner can control from an app on their phone?

Men have a biological need for sex; it makes them feel connected and close to their partner and boosts their self-esteem. If you and your partner are struggling sexually during the pandemic, the good news is that modern tech means you don’t need to be physically together to get intimate.