Why Do Men Love Navy SEAL Watches?

Around this time of year, the internet is peppered with lists of great gifts for graduates. The lists for men often seem to include the Luminox Navy SEAL watch. What is it about these timepieces that make them so fascinating to men of all ages? Perhaps it is the aura of masculine beauty and strength. If “Top Gun,” maple-smoked bacon, whiskey and Chuck Norris were rolled up into a watch, it would be the Luminox. These watches are everything men aspire to be. 


Luminox Navy SEAL watches are nothing if they are not tough. The tactical timepieces can withstand the most severe conditions and the harshest terrain. Being a dive watch, it was created to perform under extreme pressure, literally. Most Navy SEAL models are water-resistant to 200 meters, or 660 feet. Designed for the elite Navy SEALs, Luminox watches are also worn by jet pilots, military forces around the world, the New York City police department and the U.S. Olympic bobsled and skeleton teams. Sharing a watch with such heralded groups may make an ordinary man feel heroic.


For years, luminous watches relied on phosphorous for their glow. Many manufacturers still do, and the phosphorous works just fine as long as it has been charged under a light source recently. What makes a Luminox different is that its luminescence comes from tritium. This substance, combined with carbon dioxide and a special type of glass, gives off a steady glow for years without needing a charge. Everyone wants to feel unique and special—and what man does not want to feel as if he is metaphorically glowing from within?


Basically, the Luminox does what it says it will do. The American company relies on the world-renowned Swiss movement for time-keeping accuracy. Super sturdy crystals resist cracking and breaking. The face is available in different colors to allow for maximum visibility under different conditions and various uses. You can choose whatever band best suits your needs: rubber, nylon, leather or stainless steel. In the Navy SEAL timepiece, the designers at Luminox have tapped into the prized masculine traits of utility, reliability and strength. They look downright sexy, too.


While other luxury watch firms have been around for a century or more, Luminox began just 31 years ago. However, the relative youth of the Luminox brand does not diminish its prestige. While you can spend well into five digits on other luxury watches, the incredibly functional Luminox timepieces tend to cost under $1000. Compared to more frivolous status symbols, the Navy SEAL watch is a surprisingly affordable luxury.