22 Fun and Clever Ways to Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

You and your partner have been waiting anxiously for this news, and the pregnancy test has just shown a positive result. Finding out that you’re pregnant is thrilling, and you want your partner to be thrilled as well. Such news is hard to conceal. In fact, some mamas-to-be have daydreamed of this moment for a long time and want to think of a clever, fun, or cute way of surprising their partners with the news. If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place. Below are super cool ways of breaking the news to your husband.

1.     Hide the pregnancy test.

What does he use every day? It could be a bike helmet, shoe cabinet, family car, among other things. Hide the pregnancy test in such places where you’re sure he will come across it. Remember to hide the pregnancy test where he will find it as soon as possible if you take the digital pregnancy test. The word ‘pregnant’ vanishes after 15-48 hours, depending on the brand.

2.     The improbable messenger

Your pet can act as an improbable messenger. Dress up your cat or dog with outfits that say they are going to be a big brother/sister. Alternatively, you can tie a note to their collar. See their reaction when they read, ‘You’re going to be a dad’ message on your dog’s collar. Be ready for a huge hug. 

3.     Tummy talk

Another exciting way to announce the news is to write it on your tummy with a marker. Keep the message simple and fun. For instance, ‘I’m pregnant’ is okay or ’20 % loading,’ among other baby-related puns. 

4.     Tell him with a t-shirt.

Wear a tee with a fun message and let it do the talking. Examples of fun messages would be:

  • Pregnant AF
  • OMG, I’m pregnant.
  • Burn in the Oven

5.     Order baby clothes.

Your partner will be surprised when baby clothes are brought to your door. With the package addressed to him, he will undoubtedly realize that you’ll have a baby around who will be wearing those clothes. Order cute baby outfits from bitsy bug boutique

6.     Order diaper delivery.

Order a box of diapers and let your husband be the one to receive the package. See how long it will take him to realize he’s going to be a dad soon.

7.     Conspire with your kids.

If it’s not your first child, you should let your kiddos break the news to your partner. There are several fun ways to do that:

  • Decorate your firstborn’s t-shirt with fabric markers and paints with messages such as ‘Big Sister’ on the front. Let her wear it and ask her to go find her dada, or wait until he arrives home. Observe from far or listen from another room as your husband processes the message. This should be fun!
  • Make a sign. Let your kid hold a sign for when your partner comes home. It’s a good way to surprise him.

8.     Surprise him with a gift.

If you discover the news near a special day, say his birthday, your anniversary, or Father’s Day, then what’s a better time to break the news?

You can order a cake with the message on it. This will surely catch him by surprise. You can write:

  • Happy Father’s Day 
  • Happy Birthday, Dad
  • Surprise! You’re going to be a dad
  • We’re pregnant!

It’s fun to surprise people when they least expect it.

9.     Create a treasure hunt.

Does your partner love fun activities? A treasure hunt would be an exciting way to reveal the news to him. Give him clues that lead to the treasure. It can be simple or difficult clues, but be sure to keep them short, so that the game remains exciting. The ultimate prize at the end shouldn’t only reflect his personality, but also announce the exciting news. It could be a card with the message ‘You’re going to be dad,’ a parcel with pregnancy test inside, or cupcakes with the message.

10.  Give him a card.

Give him a card that narrates how excited you are to be experiencing the pregnancy with him. You can never go wrong with that. You can make the card simple, funny, sweet, or to the point. You can get him a card that has nothing to do with the time of the year. For example, a Christmas card at the end of May. Wouldn’t that be funny and surprising?

11.  A dinner with a baby theme

Set up a romantic date night, and be sure to prepare some delicious food. Try to make it special. Some cool music and candles would be perfect for the occasion. At first, he will think you’re being romantic, but he will be surprised to know the meaning of the dinner. The food on the menu should be baby-themed. It may take long before it hits him, but that’s what makes it funny. If he’s taking too long to get it, be sure to drop some hints.

12.  Surprise mug

Is your partner a big coffee or tea drinker? A big fun mug with the message at the bottom would surely be surprising and exciting at the same time. Get one and serve their next warm drink in it. Once they are finished, they will see the note and will be overjoyed. Be sure to capture the moment with your camera. 

13.  Pizza party

If your partner loves pizza, there would be no better way to announce the pregnancy than using a pizza box. Order a pizza and write ‘We’re going to be parents’ on the inside of the box. He will be surprised when he opens the box. It’s the last thing someone would expect from a pizza box, which makes it even more exciting.

14.  Morph your pictures together.

Well, this is one fun way to break the news. It’s also a good way to see how your baby may look like. Go to morphthing.com and upload a picture of you and your partner. The site will generate a photo that combines your facial features to see what your baby may look like. Hopefully, your partner will notice that the photo looks like the two of you. If he can’t, then tell him it’s your future baby.  

15.  Go the sports way.

Does your partner follow soccer, basketball, rugby, super bowl, or any other sport? If they do, get him a baby-size jersey of his favorite team. He will surely put two and two together, and realize he’s going to be a dad soon.

16.  Make a slideshow.

Have you kept the photos you took together at the beginning of your relationship? If you have, prepare a slide show of those photos and put your pregnancy test at the end. Is there a cuter way to announce your pregnancy than this?

17.  A push notification on his phone

There are great baby tracking apps that help moms-to-be to track the growth and exercise habits, as well as the health of the mother. Download one secretly on your partner’s phone. It will be very surprising when he reads, ‘You’re three weeks pregnant today.’

18.  Happy snap

Get your family together for dinner or a picnic, and ask them to come together for a snap. When everyone is ready to say ‘cheese,’ break the news as you click the camera. A cute way to break the news, huh?

19.  A bun in the oven

Put a bun in the oven and ask him to get it. The note on the bun written, ‘We’re pregnant,’ will surely get him off guard. Let him read the note while you record his reaction.

20.  Break the news with balloons.

There are several creative ways you can use balloons to reveal the exciting news. For instance, you can fill the living room with pink and blue balloons. Write ‘Girl’ on the pink balloon and ‘Boy’ on the blue balloons. That way, he will easily comprehend what’s happening. Stand in the room or leave a hidden camera recording what happens when he enters the room. Alternatively, you can use one balloon. Write ‘Baby’ on it and put it in his wardrobe. You can as well use four balloons. Write the letters ‘BABY’ on the four balloons, and leave them in different places in the house.

21.  Skype – Facetime

Discovering that you’re pregnant is exciting, and sometimes, you can’t hold on to the news for long. If your husband is far from home and you can’t wait to announce the news in person, surprise him through a video call. Let the pregnancy test be the first he sees when he accepts that call. Alternatively, wear a t-shirt that says ‘Mom to be.’ He will be very eager to get home and celebrate the news with you.

22.  A care package for military spouses

If your partner is stationed far away from home and you can’t call him, a care package would be an exceptional option. Include a picture of your ultrasound and some other custom item announcing the great news. You can hire a photographer to take some pregnancy announcement photos and include them in the package. Don’t forget to include a heartfelt letter detailing your experience and happiness about becoming a mother.