Cost Effective Household Essentials for Students

Furnishing a student home can be challenging because of the budgetary constraints that come with it. Moreover, buying things like air conditioners, furniture, kitchen appliances etc. does not only serve to be expensive but also poses a challenge of either selling it or shifting it as student homes are temporary. Selling these essentials may not be profitable because they are bought for short-term use but depreciation is still heavily calculated. Hence, here are some cost effective household essentials to make the lives of students easier:

  1. Get essential furniture on rent: since student homes are temporary and monthly costs are split among roommates, renting essential furniture items like study desks, book shelves, cots and chars will prove to be way more cost effective than buying them. Many online websites provide essential furniture which is in great condition for a low price. Moreover, If you plan to extend your course or live in your student home for a longer period of time, you can always opt for a rent to buy option. Therefore, it is better to rent furniture than buy them initially.
  2. Switch to LED Lights: While they require a slightly higher upfront payment than normal bulbs and lights, LED lights are cost effective in the long run because they last longer and consume lesser electricity. Another important perk of switching to LED lights is that it is more environment-friendly than normal bulbs and lights. 
  3. Get an air cooler for rent: if you live in a place which has long and sticky summers, renting an air cooler is the way to go. As a student, buying an air conditioner will end up being very expensive, and not to forget, the heavy electricity bill that comes with it! You can rent an air cooler from an online source starting as low as 200 rupees a month. It does not require any installation charges and can be returned when the summer is over. 
  4. Buy/rent an aqua guard: Getting sick away from home can be scary and depressing. It is important to make sure that your drinking water is clean and pure because adjusting to the water in another city can be difficult. Relying on plastic water cans is not efficient because it often takes time to book a new can. Also, it is not very hygienic because plastic water cans are exposed to heat and are not cleaned regularly. Renting or buying a water purifier is a cheaper as well as healthier alternative. 
  5. Buy a Kettle: Kettles are extremely useful for students, especially during exam time when you need to burn the midnight oil. It is more efficient to make hot beverages on the kettle because it is more energy efficient and is completely portable. If you do not cook your meals at home, a kettle can prove to be extremely useful. You can buy a kettle online for as little as 600 rupees. 

Along with these tips, it is always important to have adequate cleaning supplies to make sure your house is dust free and clean to avoid contracting allergies and infections. Use these tips to make your student life easier.