Why Solar Panels Are Still the Best Solution for Eco-conscious Homeowners

Our over-reliance on fossil fuels for our energy needs is putting our planet in jeopardy. Once we understand this, we have to ask ourselves how we can reduce and eventually eliminate the use of fossil fuels. The answer is renewable and clean energy. Renewable sources of power have little to no effect on the environment with their biggest advantage being cost; all of them are free if you do not include the initial cost of installation. 

Solar is the most readily-available of these renewable sources of energy and that is why eco-conscious homeowners turn to it. We are going to look at why this is so and explore just how environmentally friendly solar panels are.

Total Reduction in the Use of Coal and Other Fossil Fuels

A lot of countries either use coal or nuclear power for their energy production. These are traditionally known as “dirty” sources of energy. They produce gases and by-products like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur compounds that are harmful to both the environment and humans. When homeowners make a switch to solar panels, all of these issues are sorted in one stroke. 

The way it works is that when homeowners install solar panels, they do not rely on the grid as much as they used to. This means that power-generating companies do not have to produce as much energy using coal and fossil fuels and this, in turn, leads to a reduction in their use. The overall effect is a cleaner environment and a reduction in the overall reliance on coal and other fossil fuels.

Powering the Future

If you are an eco-conscious homeowner, it is also likely that you are concerned about vehicular emissions. You are also much more likely to own an electric vehicle. The irony is that if you own an electric car and still charge it using power from the grid, you are contributing to environmental degradation in a small way. We have come so far with solar panels and their systems, so it’s easy to install a solar system that can charge an electric vehicle.

Eco-conscious homeowners could do well to switch over to electric vehicles if they want to have a bigger positive impact on the environment.

Reducing Environmental Degradation

Silicon is the major component in the solar manufacturing process. Silicon is easy to obtain without causing much damage to the environment. Fracking, the extraction of crude oil from the ground, does so much more damage to the environment. The solar manufacturing industry is also working on ways to make the process of producing these panels a lot more environmentally friendly. 

As always, the use of solar panels reduces the need for and the reliance on fossil fuels with the two processes having very different impacts on the environment. 


As you might know, disposing of the byproducts of oil and gas production is very harmful to the environment. Oil seeps into the ground and can affect waterway systems as well as make land unusable for agricultural production. Even though the disposal of solar panels and the batteries they use is challenging, recycling the material is very easy. There has been a lot of push for manufacturers and all parties involved to recycle the waste solar panels and batteries to ensure they do not pollute the environment.

One thing to note is that solar panels and batteries last for a very long time. So even if there are concerns about how they will be disposed of once their life ends, that is way into the future. On the other hand, lubricants and other fossil fuel products need to be disposed of regularly and this poses another concern for eco-conscious homeowners.

Other Concerns

One of the biggest concerns for homeowners who are interested in installing solar panels is the upfront cost. Yes, solar panels and their systems do cost a lot, but the cost justifies itself in two ways. One, if you have a good solar system you might never have to pay for electricity again and if you do, the cost will be minimal. In this way, the solar panel pays for itself over time. Second, your impact on the environment will be very low, especially if you decide to make your home energy-efficient, as most proponents of the use of solar advise you to do.

There are also space concerns. If you run a lot of appliances, you might be worried that you do not have enough space to install a solar array that is adequate for your home. Solar panels are getting more efficient, which means you now need less space than you did a few years ago. 

Companies like Semper Solaris use solar panels manufactured using the latest technology, thereby making them very energy-efficient. Semper Solaris has been installing solar panels for years and will advise you on the best options for your home and needs. If you are interested in installing a solar system in your home, you can find information about solar panels here.

Also, if you can make your home energy-efficient, the size of the solar panels you need reduces dramatically. 


The use of solar panels is on the rise and with all the environmental advantages they offer, they remain the best options for eco-conscious homeowners.