Do Online Spiritual Readings Work?

Since all psychics are different, so are their readings. Some may have the gift of clairaudience while others are more clairvoyant. Some use Tarot and others will focus on intuition. This guide is designed to help you choose which type is the best fit. Keep in mind, however, that some psychic readers may use multiple methods when doing a reading.

Energy Readings

For the most part, psychics will always have the ability to read energies that provide insight and guidance. Those who only read energy will not use other tools like pendulums or even Tarot because a client’s energy is siphoned through their specific clair ability. The seven clair abilities include:

  • Clairvoyance – Clear seeing
  • Clairsentience – Clear feeling
  • Clairaudience – Clear hearing
  • Claircognizance – Clear knowing
  • Clairgustance – Clear tasting
  • Clairscent – Clear smelling
  • Clairtangency – Clear touching

The energetic body is like a spiritual fingerprint and by tuning into a client’s energy, the psychic gathers information about their past, present, and future. The psychic may hear a specific name or message to relay or see something strongly affecting the client. Some may feel a certain path will have a certain outcome for the client, good or bad. Energy readings can help clients with chakra blocks, energy storage, or moving stagnant energy. This can help a client heal as the energy is removed.

Some psychics may choose to connect with personal spirit guides, spirit beings, or even angels to channel information for the client. These beings will utilize the psychics sensitivity to funnel information. Some may also be able to connect to the client’s spirit guides and help build a spirit team. This is known as channeling.

When a psychic uses Tarot, they will also use their intuition as a way to interpret the energy and images of the cards so it can be related to the client. Tarot is an ancient tool, used for centuries, for guidance. Using intention, the energies of the reader and querent can affect spreads. Some psychics will ask their spirit guides to guide and influence the spread. Different psychics will choose different spreads to complete the reading.

In conjunction with the reading, a psychic may call on their clair abilities with cards as a guide. If the card does not resonate, a good psychic will empower the querent to alter the path through shifting energy or enable them to see that the outcome is for the highest good. Overall, a client may prefer Tarot readings as a visual confirmation and representation so they can personally connect.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression psychics provide answers and healing. This is often in regard to trauma, phobias, negative behavioral patterns, limiting beliefs, or various other psych related areas. This is effective because the energy of past lives follows us allowing karma to continually reveal itself until it is healed in the current lifetime. The typical past life regression involves the practitioner to guide the client in meditation or hypnosis until they reach a trancelike state. A spirit team may be called for help in the process.

In the trance state, the practitioner will ask the client several questions to get an understanding of past lives, then try to guide the client toward the area that requires healing. Sometimes the awareness of past life trauma can be enough to allow healing, other times a bit more is needed in the current life.


Palmistry has also been popular for centuries in several cultures. Palmistry is used to foretell the challenges, path, and characteristics of a client. Some readers also examine the forehead, nose, and other body parts for further information. It is said that when in the womb a baby clenches its fist leaving an imprint. This palmar flexion are the lines we live with. Spiritual teachings believe that during this time we make self-contracts about the lessons we will learn in life. This is thought to be a guideline because upon incarnation, we have free will. However, the contract remains on our palm.

A goo palm reader will be able to offer information about your love, self, life, destiny, career, and much more based only on the lines in your hand. They can also provide the best area of focus for achievement. Some can see health needs at certain ages that alert the client to special care during this time. Each line offers unique information.