7 Great Reasons to Pursue a Career in Tech

If you’re wondering where to aim for your future career, there are plenty of reasons to consider a job in tech. Not only does working in tech mean that you’re in with a chance of working for some of the biggest, coolest companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, but there are plenty of others that aren’t quite as visible in the hiring market like Shopify, Tumbler, Freshbooks, DropBox and more. And that’s not to mention all the other companies out there that may not be entirely tech-focussed, but definitely need to hire a tech and IT team to keep things running smoothly. When you pursue a career in tech, there’s no shortage of career opportunities and different things that you can do. 

If you want to find your dream job, definitely look at the tech industry. Here are some of the top reasons why it’s a great career choice. 

Tech is Hiring:

As technology continues to advance, more and more professionals are needed. Unlike many other industries, you’ll barely have to worry about being out of a job if you work in tech. In fact, tech is replacing people in many of the other industries. Tech companies definitely aren’t downsizing – they are scaling up, and it’s great news for anybody who wants to pursue a career in tech and IT.

There are many options to consider if you want to get hired in tech, especially in complex IT administrator field for which you need to learn and adopt skills for SharePoint Migration and Tenant to Tenant Migration. Many entry-level support jobs don’t even require qualifications; as long as you’ve got decent soft skills like organization and communication, you’ll be in with a chance of getting hired and they’ll provide all the training you need on the job. 

On the other hand, if you want to learn enough to be in with a better chance of entering the tech industry further up the ladder, there are plenty of qualifications and courses to consider. You don’t have to go all out and get a degree in IT either; these IT courses from findcourses.co.uk are a great place to start. Search the Findcourses website; there’s a mixture of online and college or university-based courses to sign up for to kick-start your tech career. 

Most Tech Companies Have a Really Great Culture:

If you’re tired of working in a stuffy, corporate office then you’ll be glad to hear that most tech companies are anything but. When it comes to employee perks, tech companies tend to go all-in – especially the big names who put having fun in the office at the top of their priority list and offer plenty of goodies to get your hands on like free food, massages, company retreats, unlimited espresso, and casual dress codes. 

But one thing that makes tech companies stand out from the rest is that many of them have a pervasive attitude towards company culture; making sure that the office is somewhere employees want to be. Most of the time, tech companies make employee satisfaction and happiness much more of a priority than any other industry.

You’ll Learn New Skills:

Whether you’ve already got some experience or you’ve never worked in tech before, working at a tech company can be incredibly good work experience. There are often plenty of chances to jump in and get involved with other projects and you might even pick up some interest in another area of tech to the one that you’re already focused on. 

And, most tech companies are more than happy to help you learn more – after all, the more you learn, the better of an employee you’re going to be. Whether you want to try your hand at programming, get into web development or explore the hardware side of things, there’s always going to be something new and exciting to learn. Plus the diverse skill-set that you’ll gain from working in tech will be incredibly helpful for future employment prospects, even if you decide to work in a different industry. 

Most Workplaces are a Meritocracy:

In many industries, seniority or even age trumps merit, but this is all changing in the tech industry. Many companies are run by young, progressive people who founded their company at an early age, and they tend to have a culture that values what you do, rather than how many years of work you have on your resume or how long you’ve been working for a company. 

It’s something that you’re more likely to find in tech than anywhere else; it’s definitely a modern industry that’s blowing all the usual office and corporate rules out of the water and bringing a breath of fresh air to the workplace. 

It’s an Optimistic Environment:

Many people who work in tech love it because there’s something about the fast pace of innovation and product development in the industry that has optimism written all over it. Many people who join the tech industry do so because they believe it’s more than possible to have a big impact and leave their mark on the way that people live their lives, and their passion for what they do spills over into the workplace environment. 

Being around people who feel like that way all day is definitely contagious, and if you’re passionate about what you do or want to get into an industry where you can find something to be passionate about, tech is definitely worth considering. 

The Work Itself is Meaningful:

If you want a career that combines research and development with doing something meaningful, then look no further than tech. The tech industry isn’t just about coming up with new ideas; it also means figuring out how to make them work and you’ll need to be adept at solving problems. 

If you’re the type of person who loves solving problems and puzzles, the tech industry could be a perfect fit for you with plenty of places where you can focus your skillset. There are few industries that shift the way we live and function as tech does; it aims to make everything easier, better and faster. 


If you love a good challenge, a career in tech will be a great fit for you. Tech professionals aim to solve pretty much every problem that people encounter and offer new options for things that we didn’t even realise needed fixing. 

For most people who work in tech, it’s a welcome challenge. This industry definitely has the potential to bring out the best in you because it’s always moving and it asks for so much. And the work of a tech professional can be incredibly vast; there’s very little that one can’t do. You could be working in software, high-tech manufacturing, software, computer-related services, the IoT, or something else. And even though technology is an industry itself, it overlaps with pretty much every other industry. You can be a tech professional working in agriculture, transportation, energy, medicine, entertainment or white-collar industries like law and banking. The options are endless. 

Finally, the tech industry tends to pay well, too! Since technology is an integral part of the success of many different fields, tech professionals are frequently in great demand. And their work can be difficult, but it’s necessary and we value it – which usually means considerable compensation on top of all the other perks and benefits most tech companies offer.