5 Ways for Men to Optimize Your Wardrobe

If you want to look effortlessly stylish, no matter the event or occasion, here is how you can update your wardrobe:

1)    Get the Basics Right

There are certain things that every man needs to own, like a white button-up shirt. Its an essential staple in every wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go wrong with it. There are so many different versions of this key piece that you should make sure the one you own is perfect. 

It should fit you correctly, look sleek and sharp, and not be crinkled, faded grey and missing several buttons. Whilst it remains a key piece, not every white shirt looks the same, with variations on collar size, cuff size and pocket shape and more importantly, the fabric it is made from. Don’t be afraid to try a few on and compare, because as a piece that every man owns, you want to make sure you invest in one that looks and feels perfect. 

The same goes for your smart trousers, your everyday jeans, and your plain white tee. Whilst it may seem like such a basic item, there are so many variations of this one simple item that you should ensure you’ve searched for the one that fits you perfectly and looks good every time you wear it. You don’t need five pairs of mediocre jeans if you have two pairs of amazingly well-fitted jeans. 

2)    Dress for Every Occasion

Whilst refining the basics is key, you also need to make sure you actually own all of the staple items. An optimized wardrobe means that you can effortlessly put together an outfit that works, no matter where you are going. Make sure you have at least one tie, one blazer, one pair of smart trousers, and one pair of shorts, etc. Whilst you might be lucky enough to not need to wear a tie every day, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own one. It’s also not really about the numbers either, as you don’t need to own 10 different suits when you have one suit that works for lots of different events. 

3)    Minimal and Effortless

For easy outfits, narrow your wardrobe down to colors that match, and timeless shapes. Basic doesn’t have to be boring because if the items fit you well and are good quality, then you will look always look smart and clean. Choose items that work together and can be paired easily with each other. It’s more about quality rather than quantity. Donate your old clothes and narrow it down to things that fit you well and are in good condition. That isn’t to say you can’t add fun prints into the mix too, just remember that the colors should work with the clothes you own, so you can easily pair items together. 

4)    Accessorize

The best way to add style to any outfit is with your accessories. A fashionable watch instantly boosts your outfit, like the icing on a cake. You also need to pay attention to footwear too. Make sure you have the right shoes for each occasion, and they can make or break your outfit. Online stores like SSENSE stock designer items such as Fendi sneakers and other great clothing pieces and accessories. If you want to add style to your everyday wear, these sneakers will transform your outfit and keep you on top of the fashion trends. 

5)    Organization 

Whilst the items inside your wardrobe and drawers are important, it is also about how you store and hang your items. Once you have cleaned out your wardrobe and drawers, donated unloved items and sorted through everything, you need to make sure they get stored neatly. 

To allow you to have a clear view of what you have, and to keep clothing in its best condition – i.e. not in a wrinkled heap – fold and hang things efficiently. If folding clothing has you puzzled, there are so many great ways to fold clothes that you will end up having fun practicing all the techniques. 

Adopt good habits like doing your laundry properly, with separate white-washes, and ironing your clothes straight out the dryer. This will keep your clothing in a ready-to-wear state and help you keep on top of it. 

You can hang your clothes by color, sleeve length, type, and even occasion. Some people prefer to hang entire outfits grouped together. Whichever method works best for you. You will need a combination of hanging space, drawer space and shoe space. If you have large drawers, dividers and baskets can help to unify items and group things together. 

Having an optimized wardrobe will mean you can effortlessly put together an outfit and look smart and fashionable for every occasion. You don’t need loads of clothes to stay fashionable, just refine what you have and perhaps add in a couple of key pieces, and you will be good to go!