Top 5 Perks of Renting a Studio Apartment in Dubai

If you’re living in a studio apartment, you have had to sacrifice some privacy. From people being able to see your bed and bed sheet to people seeing your dirty laundry, you have opened yourself up to a lot of exposure if you don’t clean your apartment before your guests come. 

If you value your privacy like I do, the thought of people being able to walk into right into your bed area as soon as they open the door can be gut-wrenching. Other people do not mind as much, but the fact is that privacy is the number one sacrifice that most people make when they are living in a studio apartment.

With this sacrifice, you must be thinking that there should be a way to balance out this sacrifice with something positive. In a studio for rent in Dubai, the perks can balance out the sacrifice of your privacy. Here is our list of the top perks of living in a studio for rent in Dubai.

24-Hour Security

A studio for rent in Dubai will likely be in some sort of residential tower, which may also sometimes double as a hotel or office building. In this situation, though you will hear noise from above and below at certain points during the day, 24-hour security makes up for this.

If you are nervous about the privacy of your room or the trustworthiness of your neighbors, 24-hour security will make you feel safer. They also will be able to eject any unwanted guests from your room, and, in some towers, may be able to unlock your door if you forget your key. 

This is our number one bonus for the privacy-minded individuals because the security can give you a layer of protection you might not have if you did not live in a residential tower.

An Entry Hallway

A studio for rent in Dubai might also have an entry hallway that separates the bedroom from the rest of your room and will prevent the guests from seeing your bedroom immediately. In this case, if you want total privacy, all you will have to do is add a single partition wall, which will “box in” your bedroom.

Not all studio apartments will have this feature, so we cannot always guarantee that your apartment will have this. However, it is ideal for the privacy-minded individual.

Built-In Wardrobes

A studio apartments for rent in Dubai will almost certainly have built-in wardrobes. This is ideal for those who do not want to have their clothes out in the open. With plenty of hangers, you can put a lot of clothes in there, and maybe trim some money from moving if you will not need to bring a dresser or other clothing-related furniture with you.

Kitchen White Goods

A fancier studio for rent in Dubai will have kitchen white goods, which are all the appliances you need for a kitchen. From an oven to a dishwasher, the apartment will have everything that a good kitchen needs. This will cut your overhead cost on buying appliances and will allow you to have more spending money when you go out of your apartment.


A studio apartment for rent in Dubai will likely have all kinds of facilities on the first floor. They range from retail outlets to swimming pools, gyms, saunas, and steam rooms. These will save you a fortune on gym memberships in areas of town that you will not visit and will enable you to get exercise and relaxation right where you live. 


From the facilities of a residential tower to kitchen white goods, from 24-hour security to a hallway prior to the bedroom, Dubai has many perks for those of us who are privacy-minded. A wardrobe will help us hide our dirty laundry, while an entry hallway will prevent guests from seeing a messy bedroom when they first walk in. These perks, and many more, are why it is a good idea to get a studio apartment for rent in Dubai.