Tips for Recruiting & Hiring Community Health Workers as Employees

Choosing any employee is a difficult and time-consuming decision. Just having the necessary skills is not enough, they need to have the right personality to fit into your business and experience can also play a vital role in their suitability to complete the job properly.

It’s important to follow these tips and get it the right first time.

Take It Slow

The most important thing is to give yourself plenty of time, rushing the process generally leads to mistakes and you’ll end up with an employee that’s not suitable for the job.

Define a timeline and add a few extra days into it, this ensures you can give every potential employee a fair chance.

 Software Knowledge

The world is digital and this can help you to find the very best person for the job. But, you need to use all the resources at your disposal. This means you need to know the latest software options and what they can do. You can then verify that potential employees have an understanding of the spend aggregation solution and how to interpret business rules based on state spend regulations.

If possible this will save you training new employers, which will save you time and money.

Keep The Channels Open

You will probably need to advertise in multiple places, ranging from digital media and social networks to old-fashioned boards and newspapers. But, regardless of where your applicants come from, it is very important that they are kept up to date with the process.

Not only will this make you look good, but it will also ensure that all your favorite candidates are still available. 

Skill Testing

It’s not unreasonable to want to see applicants demonstrate their skill levels. Consider setting a small test that all applicants will need to complete. This will show if they have the necessary skills and what they are like under pressure.

Shared Responsibility

The responsibility for hiring may rest with you but that doesn’t mean you need to do the whole process by yourself. Get others involved, specifically those that will be working with the new recruits.

This will help to ensure you’re fair and that the procedures you’ve drawn up are followed every step of the way.

Avoid Holiday Season

If at all possible you should avoid trying to hire anyone during the holiday season. Many people take annual vacations and stop looking at the available jobs. That means you may miss out on some of the best candidates because they’re not aware of the opening. 

Hire The Right One

If no one looks to be the right fit for the role then don’t hire anyone. The most likely scenario is that something has gone wrong with the hiring process and you’ll have to try again.

Going through the entire process again is preferable to hire someone not suitable or qualified for the role. It won’t work well for you or them in the short or long-term.

Don’t forget to describe everything about the contract when you actually provide your new employee with their employment contract.