Why Women Should Visit the OB

A woman’s body requires attentive and experienced care as every stage of female life brings in new changes. Your pregnancy is over or you are yet to decide to have a baby, your menstrual routine can be normal or your dysmenorrhea days may be over but that doesn’t mean you should ignore a visit to the doctor.

OB/GYN doctors, short for obstetrics (pregnancy and delivery) and gynaecology (female reproductive health), can assist in a wide variety of areas. Health care changes rapidly with evidence based practice, and you need to stay aware. 

Here are some reasons that show why women should visit the OB/GYN every year:

  • General health and preventive review

OB/GYN can be the primary healthcare provider for women. This could also include counselling regarding preconception to post-natal mental health, emotional well-being as affected by hormones, etc.  A visit to the OB/GYN is a good time to talk about stress, depression, sleep disorders, and dietary and nutritional status, all of which can affect your reproductive system.

  • Reproductive and sexual health review

The health of your reproductive organs can be ascertained with annual check-ups and the doctor can even advise required screenings or tests. Depending on your age, annual sexual health review can address issues like STD, infertility, pre-conception discussions for successful pregnancy, pain during intercourse, vaginal secretions and incontinence among other things.

  • Breast health examination

Let us be honest, how many of us actually perform the monthly self-breast-exam? A clinical breast exam by an experienced professional is quick, easy, painless and far more thorough. Reassure yourselves that everything is normal and there are no signs of breast cancer or other issues to be concerned about.

  • Birth control review

You might be on the pill, have IUD or vaginal rings or may be planning to get them. In either case, with new advancements in the medical field there are better options that might need upgradation. Besides, yearly exams of prescription methods ensure smooth functioning and rule out asymptomatic issues as well.

  • Menstrual health

Discussing periods with the doctor provide a lot of insight about women’s health. Points about menstruation consistency, heaviness, discomforting symptoms, painful periods, and any bleeding in between periods can alert your gynaecologist about any issues that can cause future health scares.

  • Vaccinations and tests

An annual visit to the OB/GYN is a good way to reprise about required vaccinations and screenings. If you are a young woman, the HPV vaccine is an important one. For sexually active women, infection screening. As age increases screenings for lipid levels, colonoscopy, thyroid and osteoporosis become relevant. PAP smears and pelvic exams are recommended to catch abnormalities early on and start on preventive treatments.

The bottom line is OB/GYN is the best advocate for women’s health. It is important to pay them an annual visit and discuss all your reservations and doubts. Take an initiative about your own health, visit Alana Healthcare and speak to friendly and experienced doctors who will clear all your misgivings and advice on a healthy lifestyle.