Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Spain

Each year, thousands of students from all four corners of the planet head to Spain to study. With 74 universities dotted across the country that offer courses in a variety of subjects, international students are spoilt for choice.

Bursting with history and culture, Spain is regarded as one of the best countries to study for students from overseas. If you’re undecided about where to study for your education, here are five reasons why Spain should be your number one choice.

Great Educational System

No matter what you plan to major in, Spain’s educational system is known for being properly executed and well organized. As the third most popular country in the world for international studies, you can be confident that you’ve selected the right country for your learning. Whether you’re heading to Madrid, Barcelona, or Valencia to name just three, there are plenty of prestigious universities located across the country.

Experience the Country

When Spain first springs to mind, you will be forgiven if Madrid and Barcelona are the first two cities you think of, however, there is so much more on offer to see and explore in the country. Spain is known for its beautiful countryside, so if you need a break from city life, getting away from the hustle and bustle and immersing yourself in the miles upon miles of greeneries and lush trees can help reduce stress levels. 

Learn a New Language

While it may not be your intended reason for heading to Spain for your education, learning a bit of the language can help massively. Although there are plenty of international students who you can engage with, getting to know the locals can help you feel right at home. If you’re studying in the capital of Madrid or another big city like Barcelona, you will find that many of their residents speak some level of English, however, brushing up on your Spanish skills can be a great way to impress the locals. There are various language apps that you can download on your smartphone, which will teach you the basics of Spanish.

Plenty of Accommodation

Where you stay in Spain will play a huge part in how much you enjoy your overseas experience. After a long day of studying, it’s only natural that you will want to find accommodation that’s comfortable and to your taste. There are providers like Collegiate who are specialists in modern student accommodation in Spain that includes inclusive options in Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona that are equipped with all the mod cons you need. Collegiate ensure your safety is a priority with 24/7 CCTV and concierge services. 

Glorious Climate

No matter the season, Spain is known for providing glorious weather. With the average temperature dipping to 59 degrees in the winter months, you can be assured that the temperature will be both comfortable and enjoyable. For those who love the sunshine, the summer months will mean you can get out and explore while soaking up the gloriously hot weather.

No matter the area you pick, or the course you embark on, Spain is home to thousands of international students, meaning you are sure to feel right at home from the get-go. For those after a sunny climate, a great educational system, and plenty of activities and attractions to check out, Spain should be number one when finding somewhere to study.