6 Tips to Improve Your Oral Health

Your oral health is more than just brushing your teeth twice a day. Surprisingly, even that is not performed by the entire population in America. That is, a study reveals that only 70% of the population brushes twice a day.

When we speak of health, most of us tend to avoid our oral health, not understanding how equally important it is. However, in reality, poor oral habits can develop lifelong problems like tooth loss, cavity and gum diseases. Apart from that, who doesn’t want a white and bright smile? So, it is high time you prioritize your tooth health as well. Here’s how you can start:

1.     You must brush and floss daily

When we talk about oral health, this must be a goes-without-saying but the fact that some of you still fail to brush their teeth twice a day, made me write this point at #1: poor dental hygiene can also hamper your mental health in multiple ways – Increases stress, lowers self-esteem and can cause depression.

The minimum you must do is to brush twice a day and floss at least once. Apart from that, I will also recommend you to use an antiseptic mouthwash to get rid of the germs that keep floating in your mouth. In fact, dentists like those from https://www.cherrywood-dental.com/woodbridge-office/ also recommend brushing teeth after meals to prevent you from developing cavities or gum diseases. 

2.     Use an electric toothbrush

Technology is largely taking over every sector, field or industry and your oral-health is not alien to it either. Switch to an electric toothbrush for a better brushing experience. If you wish to achieve strong oral health, you simply cannot deny it.

The power of an electric toothbrush can be understood in its fast rotations, which are extremely efficient in removing plaque from your teeth. Now, while you are buying an electric toothbrush, don’t forget to consider the following three factors: it is a sonic toothbrush and gives you thousands of rotations per minute, has a rotating head for deep cleaning, and lastly don’t forget to read its reviews online.  

3.     You need to quit smoking

Cigarettes are cancerous for oral health. Regular smoking will damage your long term oral health, lead to gum diseases and even mouth cancer. If you are a smoker, your teeth might already have or in the future will develop a slightly yellow appearance, which is certainly not pleasing to the eye. Thus, if you want to retain the whiteness of your teeth – Quit smoking, today!

4.     Take special care of your diet

Yes, you heard that right. Even our diet plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy, bright and white tooth. For instance, sugary foods and drinks will definitely not benefit your tooth. However, vegetables, fruits, meats accompanied by lots of clean drinking water are some of the alternatives that are sure to promote healthy oral well-being. To cure your mouth ulcers, include sabja seeds in your diet and bid them goodbye forever. 

Watch your diet closely and make changes for the long term. If you drop everything at one go, soon after, you will start consuming all at once. So it’s better to start small and reduce their intake gradually.

5.     Grinding shouldn’t be a problem

And if it is, you must find out ways to resolve it. Grinding is not only bad for your teeth but for your overall oral health. This can lead to swelling of your face muscles, inflammation of the gums, and prolonged pain and dry mouth.

A lot of people wake up in the morning with a sore jaw, also known as Bruxism. This can be very harmful to your gums and teeth. A dentist’s advice will be best-suited in this case. The dentists usually fit your teeth with a mouth guard to prevent you from grinding your teeth at night.

6.     Visit a dentist for regular checkups

The key to maintaining good oral health is to schedule regular appointments with your dentist. There are a lot of oral issues that can develop over time and only the experts can recognize them.

You might think it’s a complete waste of money to visit dentists until you really find the trouble, but, trust me, repairing a grave problem will be a lot costlier and painful. Thus, make sure you visit a dentist at least, twice a year.

Oral health is often underrated or overpowered by other parts of the body. However, you have no idea how one bad oral habit can develop cavities, gum diseases, and even tooth loss.

Once you adopt these habits in your daily life, you will not find it difficult at all. Instead, perform it as a usual errand of your daily routine.