Why is Curiosity Such a Good Thing?

If all this time you’ve grown up thinking that curiosity is a bad thing since it kills a cat, then we would suggest you to pause, put on your grown-up shoes and think about curiosity again. Not sure, as to why people often mix curiosity with anxiety, but for starters, let’s just stick with one thing and that is being curious is not a stigma, period. Every intellectual mind that walks on this earth has this trait. Albert Einstein, the curious yet genius mind of all times once said that,

“Curiosity has its own reason for existence.”

Curiosity, concisely, is the force that drives us to try out something out of the ordinary. All the great discoveries, the ingenious inventions that we have seen until now are all outcomes of a curious mind. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that a mind that is filled with curiosity will never have enough opportunities to learn and experience new things.

What is Curiosity?

Curiosity is the thirst to find out and do something new. It’s a naturally occurring desire that doesn’t tame unless it has been satisfied by doing what our mind expects us to do. According to Drive Theory, our mind becomes curious when we come across something unusual and feel a strong drive to know more about it, regardless of caring about what the consequences might be.

People keep debating about curiosity – some believe that it occurs when something external stimulates us, while some believe that it happens from within. Not sure which one it is, but if you’re curious to find out about it, then you might as well just Google it away. The only catch? You’ll have to use a high-speed internet connection, the one you can get from Spectrum. Spectrum is known for its highly affordable Spectrum internet bundles that you can pair with any other service of your choice, and experience ultra-fast internet like never before. 

Why is it Okay to be Curious?

Curiosity holds unprecedented power of turning a mediocre and boring job into something way more interesting. Those who are curious will always end up finding out new ways to add fun and novelty to their typical 9-5 regime. Oh, and let’s not overlook how great curiosity is for children. Did you know that minds with the gift of inquisition are far more creative than those who are not? So, it would suffice to say that it’s okay to be curious because of the following benefits:

1.    Happiness

Those who are always curious eventually find satisfaction and when that happens, there is ultimately an outburst of positive emotions. Not to mention, curiosity also holds the tendency of overcoming anxiety, stress and it promotes psychological well-being.

2.    Survival

Curiosity triggers the urge to explore. When curious minds explore new things, they allow themselves to stay vigilant of the constant new changes that take place around them. Furthermore, curiosity keeps our minds less distracted and more focused. Since it’s all about trying out something new, curiosity keeps the mind far away from the fear of failure.

3.    Achievements

Since curious fellas always have a sense of satisfaction, they are always ready to try out new things that sometimes end up being like a goldmine of success. A wise man once said that the key to success is in trying, not winning. Thus, trying out something new and unlocking a new achievement is something towards which curious minds have a special inclination.

4.    Compassion

Curiosity also enables us to be compassionate towards others. When you’re curious to know how others perceive you, then you try to demonstrate your best just so they can hold a positive perception about you. Also, curiosity enables you to express concern, respect and demonstrate kindness to everyone around you.

The Final Word

Only a few chosen ones are blessed with the curiosity trait. It bolsters our interests for things around us and enables us to break out of our shell of monotony and try out something new. So, it doesn’t matter if your curiosity has amplified with your age, as long as you’re using it to make yourself productive, compassionate and responsible, you’re headed towards the right path. In a nutshell, we can conclude by stating that curiosity is nonetheless, mankind’s biggest virtue and holding on to it will never make your life monotonous and boring.