7 Awesome Reasons To Decorate With Timber Venetian Blinds

Maybe you’re planning to renovate some rooms in your home, or just want to give your place a makeover. No matter what your plans are, how you decorate your windows really gives a room that final touch and makes it look complete.

You may decide that different rooms in the home require different window dressings. As an example, you may opt for blackout curtains or blinds in bedrooms or theatre room, while going for shutters or Roman blinds in the living and dining rooms.

This post is going to be focusing on one of the most versatile blinds on the market today, blinds that suit virtually any room in the home – timber venetian blinds. Let’s tick off some key reasons why they are such a great choice.

#1 – Timber Adds An Organic Touch

While Venetian blinds come in materials such as aluminium,  fabric and even plastic, timber really adds a natural and organic touch to any room. You have the option of going for the more rustic wood grain look, but you can also order timber Venetian blinds in a variety of colours to match up perfectly with your decor.

#2 – Versatility

Venetian blinds will suit any window in any room in the home, or even at the office. It’s one of the reasons Venetians blinds in all their varieties have been popular for so long. The only style of window they may not suit that well are sliding glass doors. 

Have them made to order in the colour of your choice so they suit each window and room perfectly.

#3 – Timeless Elegance

There’s just something about the simple elegance and natural beauty of timber Venetian blinds. They’ve stood the test of time and just never really seem to date. You can decorate the windows in your home without fear that your blinds will be out of vogue in a few short years. It just doesn’t happen with Venetian blinds, particularly ones made from timber.

#4 – Timber Venetians Are Built To Last

Timber Venetians are timeless, attractive to look at and versatile, but they are also built to last. A quality set of Venetian blind swill serve you well for many years. Any product made from genuine timber has a long lifespan, which is why it’s such a popular choice of building and decorating material. Window blinds made of fabric may only look good for a few years before they start to fade, stretch and possibly even fray and tear. That just doesn’t happen with wood.

#5 – You Have Full Control Over Your Privacy

One of the real handy aspects of installing horizontal style blinds in your home if you have total control over the angle of the slats. This means that you can let in the daylight and the breeze without compromising your privacy. Angle the slats just right and no one can see inside your room.

Being able to angle those slats also means you can have the blinds down and direct the breeze in whatever direction you like.

#6 – Timber Venetians Are Fantastic Insulators

When closed, timber Venetian blinds help keep out the summer heat, as well as making your home warm and cozy in winter. The reason being is they insulate the glass of your windows, and this in turn also helps to reduce your energy bills. Over the course of a few years you may make back the purchase price of your timber blinds just through saving on electricity. Anything that saves you money in today’s world is definitely a major bonus.

#7 – DIY Installation Is Simple

You won’t want to buy timber Venetian blinds right off the shelf as they simply won’t fit right. You want to have the windows measured and the blinds made to order, even if you plan on doing your own installation. This guarantees a perfect fit for every window in your home.

Installation is as simple as first attaching the metal brackets by predrilling holes and then inserting the screws. After that, insert the head rail for the blinds into the brackets and lock it off. Attach the cleat so you can tie off the cord and you’re pretty much done.

If you don’t fancy doing the installation, all blind manufacturers offer an installation service at reasonable prices.