Water Filter Reviews: How to Choose the Best Water Purifier for your Home

To find the best, you must go through top best water filter reviews as the quality of drinking water is an issue creating concern nowadays. People want the best water purifier that can provide safety in every sip. Let’s cut deep to find more about water filters and how water filter reviews can help you choose the right one.

What is a water purifier?

It is a machine that removes unwanted chemical and biological contaminants from water. Other than that, it works to remove some dangerous contaminants of tap water. These include Arsenic, chlorine, dioxin, DDT, PCBs, Lead, Mercury, and many more.

Different Types of Water Purification Method

Water filters can be of many different variants. But, three of them are the most popular and proven suitable to use.

1. RO or Reverse Osmosis Purification

This is the most common in commercial water filters. This technology works through a semipermeable membrane. The membrane separates impurities and dissolved solids and keeps the TDS level below 500ppm. This membrane is effective enough to eliminate any heavy metal and salts, minerals and nitrates with ease. Sometimes it removes some essential minerals from water. So, water tastes flat with RO purifiers.

2. Activated Carbon Filters

This method works on the adsorption method. Its activated carbon can adsorb all harmful molecules that are present in your water. This is highly efficient in removing trihalomethane (THM) compounds, volatile organic chemicals (VOC), pesticides, and many more.

A question may arise- why are we using carbon? That is because; carbon is highly porous and works great in removing dissolved impurities. Activated charcoal also works more quickly than other options. It has been seen that many people use this type of filter as a complementary one with UV or RO purification.

3. Ultraviolet Filters

As the name denotes, it uses an ultraviolet ray to purify water. UV rays can kill all potential pathogens in water without removing essential minerals in it. These microbes are the first germline threat of all water-borne diseases.

To add more, this method is also eco-friendly as there is no addition of chemicals to the water. There is no other better alternative to sterilize your water other than the UV method. You can find heavy use of this method in industrial purifiers. Also, you may purify water for home uses up to 2000 liters per day.

Other than these three methods, there is more to count. You will find biosand filter, ceramic filters, Ion-Exchange, distillation, and many more. Before you pick a water purifier for you, you should also know its type and what exactly it does. To know more on this please check purewaterguide.net.


TDS or total dissolved solids are contaminants that are larger than 2 microns. TDS under 500ppm is safe for drinking. Most tap water has TDS ranging from 100o to 3000ppm and is unsafe to drink. Higher TDS in water is hazardous for health. Also, it alters the natural taste of water.

The RO purifier works greatly to reduce TDS in water. It is better to check the TDS level of your drinking water. Many health hazards originate from toxic ions like lead, cadmium, nitrate, arsenic, and many more. So, a lot depends on the TDS level before you sip in water.

How to Choose the Best Water Purifier for your Home?

It is not rocket science to pick the best quality water purifier of choice. Besides, you must follow a few criteria to decide the best quality water filters for you. Let’s find more about these.

1. Select your type

As discussed earlier, there are three major types of water purifiers. You can select any of them, or you can choose another modern variant. The RO+UV water purifiers. It is the duo of both RO and UV types. Though they are a bit costly, they work more effectively with the TDS regulator.

2. Capacity

Capacity always counts big to balance cost and demand. Most families choose filters from 5 to 7 liters capacity. Nowadays, you will find filters with automated filtering options. It starts filtering as the water level declines in the storage tank. All you need is the power supply and continuous water flow to the system.

 3. Warranty

No one finds confidence unless there is a warranty tag over the product. Make sure you went through the reviews properly. You will find brands with long term warranty. Some of them offer five years or more. Also, look for filters with easy installation. If the system is difficult to set, then you can surely face hassle with the unit.

4. Customer Review

If you are buying it online, then please scroll down to read a few customer reviews of the product. This gives you a clear insight into the product. You should also read some negative reviews along with positive ones. This will provide a few potential problems that you may face in the upcoming time.

5. Maintenance 

This is the most important criteria for all water purifiers. If you are selecting UV and RO purifiers, then it is not unusual to change the filter or UV bulb alarms. So, after-sale service has enough importance if the product is a water purifier.

Tons of users are suffering from poor after-sale support. In that case, you should choose reputed brands with quality maintenance options. Also, a yearly service is a free offer from many distributors.

6. Electric vs. Non-Electric

Electric water filters are more efficient than non-electric ones. All modern water purifiers like RO, UV, and RO+UV works with the electrical supply. If you are less likely to move your place, then this is the best option you have. On the other hand, Non-electric filters mainly use sand and gravity to purify water. It is more convenient and takes more time than electric filters.

7. Additional features

There are purifiers with more features to add benefits for you. These top features include- 

a. Inbuilt kitchen timer.

b. Dual filtration for better performance.

c. Energy-saving option.

d. 5 stage purity process.

e. Stainless steel purification chamber and many more.

We have discussed all the important issues to choose the best water purifier for you.Before you are up to spend money on filters, please go through the water filter reviews. Remember, taking a good decision is half of your mission.

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