Got a Luxury Watch for Christmas? Here’s How to Take Care of It

If Santa Claus left you a luxury watch under the tree last Christmas, you may be wondering just how you can take care of it. What can you do to ensure it stays in tip-top condition? It’s important that you take care of your watch, and you can start with looking at your habits.

Here are some tips on taking care of your brand new watch! From storage to cleaning, we’ve got everything here to keep your new luxury timepiece looking its best. 

Don’t wind your watch while it’s on your wrist

Though you might think it’s fine to do this, it can actually put pressure on the stem of your watch because you’re trying to wind the watch at a funny angle. This is a fairly common way of bending or breaking a watch. 

Be careful what you clean your watch with

We recommend that you only use a microfiber cloth to clean your watch. You can add a tiny bit of water as long as the crown is secure and you avoid getting the leather strap wet. Just avoid using soap and water as the soap molecules can get into very small spaces and, if they find their way into your watch, they can really mess with its inner workings. 

Avoid cleaning chemicals and other corrosive substances

If you’re cleaning your home, make sure you’ve taken your watch off. If it should come into contact with cleaning chemicals or abrasive substances then the leather can get warped, materials can change colour and metals can stain. Be careful!

Never try to repair or open the back of your watch

Only an authorised watch professional should be opening your watch up, so never try to prise open the back for whatever reason. It will only end badly!

If your watch is water-resistant, get to know its rating

Lots of people simply know that their watch is water-resistant but do not care to learn exactly how water resistant it is (then they go diving into the sea, thinking that their watch is covered). Look at your watch’s water resistance rating, and plan ahead. 

Avoid magnets

Though you might not know it, placing your watch near magnets can damage the timekeeping and mechanical workings of your watch. So, avoid magnets!

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight

Remember that prolonged exposure to sunlight can negatively affect the colour of your watch. Exposure to sunlight, for prolonged periods, will fade the colour and render it less vivid. One more thing: prolonged exposure to heat can be dangerous too as it can shorten the battery life.

Store the watch properly

A lot of us simply lay our watches down on the bedside table before bed, which isn’t the worst thing in the world. However, if it’s a hard surface (which we’re assuming it is) and you’re even the slightest bit heavy-handed, then this repeated pattern will needlessly mark your watch with nicks and chips. 

Instead, invest in proper watch case protection. There are plenty of luxurious watch cases that not only do the job of protecting your watch but make it look even better. The Case Farm produces some excellent cases, all manufactured to military-grade specifications so that you know your watch is protected.