Long Distance Relationship? Here’s How to Stay Interested

Though a long distance relationship can be rewarding, it does have some obstacles that a traditional relationship doesn’t have.

It takes a strong couple that are happy with their individual lives and are able to get creative to keep the flame alive. Distance can be unkind to passion so it does take some getting used to and effort to keep things hot.

A long distance relationship requires all the same foundations of any other healthy relationships like trust, communication, chemistry, and connection. With a few extra challenges.

In this article, I will go over some ways that you can maintain the passion in your long distance relationship.

Keep the intimacy going

Communication is very important in any relationship and it takes on added importance in a long distance relationship.

When it comes to being intimate, there needs to be some extra effort there to keep it going so that when you do see each other it flows naturally.

Keep romantic and even sexy text messages frequent to feel a connection while you’re apart. By maintaining a heightened sexiness while apart, it will be hard to resist each other when you do finally see each other.

Now, one killer of long distance relationships is the failure to perform. You have limited physical time with each other, so if you are not able to keep an erection during that time, it is beyond disappointing. You may need some enhancements like Viagra for some insurance. Get it from your doctor, though as there are some online that are not effective as this site reveals.

Use video chat to share mundane moments

If you really just feel like relaxing with some TV time, then why not do it “together”? You can have some popcorn and just relax. It is probably what you would be doing if you were in the same room anyway and allows you to do other stuff when you meet.

It’s a nice way to enjoy some small talk without expectations of dramatic moments that sometimes happen when you haven’t seen each other in a while. There is this need to have every moment spent physically together to be very intense, so this can help make sure that those simple moments when you don’t have much to say don’t happen when you’re together.

Break patterns

Falling into routines is a way that many relationships end up in a rut as things get stale. The same thing can happen to a long distance relationship.

If you find that you are only texting or that you only call at certain times, then that is a sign that you are falling into a routine.

Then, if you find your time together also follows a certain staid pattern you should be aware. Going to the same restaurant. Doing things always at the same time every time. And, also if sex is the same then you may need to start changing your patterns.

When you start feeling staleness setting in then just start breaking those patterns and do something different.