Great Mother’s Day Gifts to Get in Advance

Now that all of the real holiday rush is over you can relax. There are some special dates coming up that you should circle in your calendar. One of these is Mother’s Day, and you should know not to forget it.

This special date is a day dedicated to all the mother’s out there who do the most for us and make sure we always have what we need. So we should return the favor with a thoughtful gift. You have plenty of time to think of a good gift to get your mom, but here are some helpful ideas to consider so you can get it done earlier, rather than later.

1. Jewelry 

Easy and obvious choice for a reason. Mom’s love jewelry and it is a great gift because they can wear it every day as a reminder of your caring gift. The best part about jewelry is that there are all kinds of price ranges and styles. One thoughtful jewelry gift is a customizable name necklace, which will not break the bank. Our mother’s do the most for us, so it is only fitting to get them a gift that is beautiful and thoughtful.

2. Wellness and Self Care Products

Moms want us to be healthy, feeling well, and looking our best. Ever since you were a kid, they would groom your hair or adjust your outfit for you. Why not show your mom you want her to feel her best with spa gift baskets from GiftTree, and give her a nice little personal retreat to relax and feel recharged. Facemasks and body lotions are great little gifts that can be picked up at any time and show you care about your mother’s health as much as she cares about yours.

3. Plan a Date Night

If you live away from home for work, school or travel often, a nice date night can be a fun way to spend some quality time with your mother. Our mom’s are always checking up on us to see if we have eaten enough or are doing well, so take your mom out for a nice dinner or a movie and catch up. This is a great idea because it can be a flexible plan that you can set aside for future notice. Even if you do have a modest budget and cannot afford a fancy restaurant date, why not make a picnic and go to the park!


Our mother’s have cared for us since we could not walk or talk, so it is nice to be able to show them the same love they showed us our entire lives. Circle Mother’s Day on your calendar so you do not miss out on giving your mother a gift that shows how much you care.

Getting her a nice necklace or other jewelry is a classic gift, but there are other great ideas out there too. Wellness and self care gifts like a spa gift basket, or planning a cute date with your mother are perfect ways to show her you want to return the favor of showing love.