3 Creative Ways to Ask Your Best Gals to Be Your Bridesmaids!

Your 30s. The New 20s? The best decade of your life? The time when you really, finally decide to be an adult? Maybe. However, your 30s are definitely the Wedding Decade. Maybe you’re 29 and turning 30, wondering what’s in store. Let me tell you what’s in store: a ton of weddings. Maybe even your wedding! And while getting proposed to or proposing to your loved one is unbelievably exciting there is a new, even more important proposal: Will you be my bridesmaid? In the past few years, the trend of wooing your best gal pals to be your bridesmaids with thoughtful gifts has become more of a tradition. But how do you ask the longest-running loves of your life (let’s be real: friendships are the longest relationship most of us have had) to be there with you as you say I do? We have three excellent ideas below! 

1. A Photo Says A Thousand Words

We all take a thousand photos on our phones, but do we ever actually do anything with them? Besides Instagram? Print out your favourite photos of your favourite girls (or guys), frame them, and attach a cute note to the back asking them to be your bridesmaid. It’s a thoughtful gesture, that they will be able to keep for years to come (much longer than they’ll keep that bridesmaids dress, I promise you that). Even better, get a two-sided frame and after the wedding send them a group photo from the day. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

2. Who Says Friendship Bracelets Are Just for Kids?!

Honestly, if flare jeans can come back anything can. Now you could go high fashion or crafty cute with this one. You could find some beautiful gold or silver bangles and send each bridesmaid a cluster with a note attached asking them to be yours. Maybe coordinate the bangles with your colour theme and everyone can wear them on the big day! Fancy jewellery not your thing? Go old school and break out those skills from sleep away camp. Buy some thread and braid your friends a symbol of your undying friendship love. Thankfully there are loads of tutorials online, in case your skills have gotten rusty!

3. P-A-R-T-Y! 

You could ask your girlfriends individually, but why do that when you could throw a fantastic party! Gather all your girls and throw a Champagne themed party (you’ll be drinking enough of it in the months to come!). Champagne coloured streamers, champagne gummy bears from Sugarfina, and bottles of bubbly for adorable and delicious party favours! WineBaskets Dom Perignon gift baskets are the perfect way to populate your party with champagne without the hassle (because who has time to shop in a store when you’re planning a wedding!). Sure, necklaces and photos are nice, but I’d rather have a bottle of Dom Perignon! 

No matter what gift you choose, remember it’s all about friendship and love. So, enjoy your day, savour the moment, and dance the night away!