California Commercial Construction Services

Extreme Industrial Coatings is the number one commercial construction services contractor in Fresno, Southern and Northern California. We manage your commercial construction projects professionally and diligently. No project is big or small for us, and we always put our customers first, no matter the size or scope of the project. 

Whether you are looking to construct a hospital, restaurant, warehouse, factory, or any other commercial building, we will take your project to a new level of quality and efficiency. We provide a range of construction and remodeling services that include a variety of flooring, roofing, walls, ceilings, and coating services. So, whether you want to give your old building a new look or want to revamp it for better aesthetics and functionality, we have got you covered. 

Let’s talk a bit about our services in detail. 

Commercial Flooring

At Extreme Industrial Coatings, we provide different types of flooring options depending on our customers’ requirements and needs. You can choose from epoxy flooring, concrete flooring, and MMA flooring. We ensure that your floors are resistant to all kinds of stains, stress, and moisture by utilizing our highly practiced coating techniques. Commercial floors get the beating that residential floors don’t. That’s why we provide reliable flooring options that last longer in commercial facilities. 

Commercial Roofing

In commercial roofing, we offer some reliable techniques and roofing options that you can have at your commercial buildings. A roof is the shelter of the building that provides cover, and it should be durable and resist extreme heat, cold, and moisture from entering into your building. We provide spray foam roofing that is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and lasts much longer than other coatings. We make sure that your office, factory, and other commercial buildings have roofs that won’t let moisture seep in. 

Commercial Walls and Ceilings

Walls and ceilings of any building should be structurally stable and durable. Not only they provide structural strength but resistance against heat, cold, and moisture. Whatever your commercial building needs, whether it’s paint coat, remodeling, or insulation, we can handle it all for you. Our insulation service is the best of its kind and provides you another layer of protection from undesirable atmospheres. With our premium coatings, we can help you get rid of any cracks, smudges, and stains that you might encounter. 

Commercial Coatings

We provide a range of commercial coating services for floors, walls, and roofs. These coatings include our highly famous epoxy coating, urethane cement coating, spray foam coating, and polyurea coating. Our experts know their job inside out and use the materials of the highest quality. We use high-grade material and incorporate the best construction techniques to make sure your building is safe and durable. 

Drainage System

Our drainage service is the best. We install and repair drainage systems that include trench drain and other drain systems. We make sure that the water quickly trickles down from your floors without forming any puddles and birdbaths. Slope flooring is another technique that we use to trickle the water down from your floors.

Insulation System

We also provide insulation service for insulating commercial buildings. Our insulation is durable and efficient. We provide foam insulation and insulated metal panels for controlling the temperature of commercial buildings. You can insulate your floors, walls, and roofs to maintain the warmth in your building. 

Moisture Control System

Excessive moisture is not good for your commercial building. It can destroy its structure as well as its aesthetics. We provide dependable moisture control solutions that work quite efficiently. Moisture can seep into your building’s roofs and walls, and then get into its foundations, causing a threat to the building’s structure. With our moisture control solutions, there would be no worry about excessive moisture. 

Choose Us for Commercial Construction Services

Extreme Industrial Coatings is a trustworthy name when it comes to commercial construction and remodeling. We can renovate your old building and make it look like a brand new building. Moreover, we can engage with you in new construction projects. 

We will do all the work without needing micro-monitoring. We handle all our projects with extreme professionalism and delicacy. Working as per our customer’s needs, instructions, and budget is our top priority, and we always try to exceed expectations. 

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