4 Things to Do When Moving Into a Condo

Moving into a new place is always scary. Especially if it’s the first time leaving your home that they’ve grown up in. But, there are a few things that need to be done when moving out, especially when the new home is a condo. 

Alert Everyone to the New Address

To make sure the postal service delivers every package to the right address. You’ll need to update your address on every website that sends you packages. Another double-check that needs to be done is on pizza delivery sites the first time a pizza is ordered to the new home.

The rest of the list of places to update your address includes the bank and your job. One should also leave a forwarding address for anyone who didn’t get the new postal address. This is essential for anyone hosting a housewarming party, and fortunately, you no longer has to tell people individually thanks to useful phone features.

Ensure Your Insurance

Home insurance can be a nightmare, and for condos, this goes doubly so. Since condos exist within another property itself, there are rules and precautions to take. But, when you go looking for insurance for condo rental property, you can speak to the building manager and find out if there are limits to the insurance one can get.

But, if the condo will be home to anyone, it should be insured for maximum financial security. It may be time-consuming, but you can easily hire a broker to cut through all the details and help you along to having your dream home protected.

Change Locks

Likely, the person who stayed at the condo before the new tenants moved in still has a copy of the keys. This can be dangerous, perhaps the previous tenant lent keys out, and those key holders pop by for a surprise visit.

Changing the locks is the safest way to avoid mistakes like these and keep the family safe. This also keeps out nosey realtors and maintenance workers from coming in independently and disturbing the condo residents.

Do a Full Spring Cleaning

Previous tenants are not always the cleanest of people. Perhaps they themselves had a young child who crawled around and got dirty in various places of the condo. There could have been an untrained pet, or the tenants themselves were not clean or hygienic.

Buying a new condo means that new tenants don’t know how the old ones lived. This means that as a buyer or renter, you should be proactive and give the new home a proper wipedown to prevent anyone from getting sick. 


Knowing these few helpful tips will help whenever a member of the family moves out and gets their own place. It’s especially useful if it’s a condo that they’re buying or renting.