How to Keep Active When Working From Home?

Working from home can be an amazing thing, giving you more freedom, control over your hours, and comfort. However, while working at home is the dream for many, it also comes with some unique stresses. Among them is making it very easy to get lazy and slack off on your exercise routine.

Yes, when your workspace is in front of a TV and about five steps from the fridge, staying fit and healthy when working from home can be a challenge. Imagine you are writing a blog that discusses online casino games like NetBet blackjack, the chances are you are not getting much activity into your routine. 

Sure, there are plenty of perks from working at home, and wearing sweatpants and grabbing a snack whenever you want is one of them. But don’t let that define your work experience. Below we will cover some easy at-home remedies for boosting your activity and staying healthy when working remotely. 

Be A Morning Person

Anybody who works at home will say the best way of being productive is to have a good routine. By setting a schedule and sticking to it, you can work faster and be finished sooner. Unfortunately, a good workable schedule involves doing what most people do, which is get up early. People who believe working from home is a ticket to daily lie-ins are the ones who usually struggle. 

Possibly the best thing you get out of having a strong morning work routine is that you’ll have more time for exercise. Most homeworkers have more free time because they cut out things like commuting to work. If you can finish earlier, you will have more time in your day for exercise.

Here, a good routine can help too. Develop a fitness schedule (afternoon run, evening walk, etc.) and try to stick to it as best as possible. If you’re someone who finds it easier to workout in the morning, schedule your exercise for before you start work. 

Track Your Life

There are dozens of apps available that track various parts of your daily life, such as your diet, exercise, sleep, and mood. Many fantastic apps combine all these services into a single hub that gives you an overview of your general wellbeing. No, none of these apps are perfect, but for general use they are an excellent fitness companion. 

Not least because they simply give you a structure to follow. A general rule is, if you track it you will stick to it. If you know your calorie goal each day, you are far more likely to want to eat within its limits. It’s a similar situation for exercise as you will be able to chart your progress over time. 

Some fitness apps worth checking include Google Fit, Samsung Health, and MyFitnessPal. You can even track your workouts with digital fitness equipment such as the Hydrow rower, Tonal, and the Peloton bike which have built-in activity trackers, exercise data and also pair with other devices such as smartwatches and heart rate monitors. 

Set Reminders

Most people who work from home have been there; you get so engrossed in your work that you forget things. Luckily, most remote workers connect with clients through workplace chat solutions like Microsoft Teams and Slack. 

These apps are not only excellent communication platforms. They can also be used to set reminders so you can automatically receive notifications to start an exercise.