Natural Gifts That Anyone Can Leverage

Do you sometimes feel like you can’t get past the sinking feeling that you’re not contributing your best work in the job that you’re currently in? There’s a reason for that. We’re often met with discontentment when we’re not living our most purposeful lives.

So, what happens when we realize that we have more to offer, but we’re not really sure what “more” is exactly? The truth of the matter is, everyone is gifted at something. And we’re not all equally gifted the same. The goal is recognizing what you’re uniquely good at and following your own, unique path.

Maybe there’s an innate ability you have that you’ve looked past because it’s just something that’s always come natural to you. Well, that’s the perfect starting point. Look back on your life and think about the things you’ve been able to do with ease. If any of the six natural gifts below sound like you, you owe it to yourself to see how far you can go with it.  

Eye for Detail

Are details your best friend? Maybe you’re the meticulous master planner of the family or your friend circle. Or perhaps you know how to curate a travel itinerary like nobody’s business.

Whatever it is that you’ve been utilizing that keen eye for detail on, know that there’s a serious need for this in various fields. In the creative fields, an eye for detail works extremely well in fashion or interior decorating. 

If you’re organized to a T, you’d be great for administrative, virtual or executive assistant roles. What’s more, people with a sharp eye for detail can typically multitask and possess critical thinking skills. if you can combine your eye for detail with effective problem-solving and curating skills, a role as a strategist or event planner could even suit you. 

A Way With Words

When you talk to people, do you find them telling you that they left the conversation feeling inspired, encouraged, and all-around energized? Don’t just chalk it up to coincidence when multiple different people report experiencing the same kind of conversational impact and euphoria.

Not feeling convinced yet? Take a close look at the people around you. How many concrete changes have you seen put into place as a direct result of sound advice you’ve given? Better yet, how many of those people come back to you after taking a step in a positive direction and tell you it’s because of you that they were able to put one foot in front of the other. 

Don’t take a gift like this lightly. There’s tremendous impact in words. A gift this powerful could change one life, or hundreds, and even thousands. Consider work as a motivational speaker, a life coach or consultant. You never know who might be out there waiting for your lifeline.

Good With Numbers

Does filling out personal expense and budget reports make your day? Do you love doing the math it takes to figure out how you can snag the biggest savings? Do your friends ask you to help them with their taxes? 

It’s very possible you’re an undercover mathematician. Numbers don’t come to just everyone easily. It’s something you have a genuine knack and love for. See if you check yes to any of these scenarios:

You work at a problem until you crack the solution.

Numbers dance around your head for hours on end, every day.

You like working with ideas that require an extensive amount of practical thinking. 

If you checked this entire list off, it’s time you give those mathematical abilities more limelight! You could utilize your firm handle on numbers, statistics, and probability in lucrative areas such as casino gambling by counting cards in blackjack.

Crafty Hands

Think back to when you were a little kid. What did you find yourself getting lost in the most? What made you happy? Take inventory of the interests that have been with you all along. If you’ve found joy using your hands to create beautiful things, don’t turn a blind eye. 

Perhaps you’re worried about crafting making you a profitable career. Don’t. Handmade art is highly valued and sought after, especially in modern times. If you have a steady hand that specializes in making unique art, you should create to your heart’s desire. Enjoyable crafting work could include pottery, wood working, painting, making art prints, sewing, or even hand-lettering restaurant chalkboards.  

As long as the drive to create is there, you can very well become a profitable crafter without formal art education. 

Natural-Born Storyteller 

Can you make a storyline practically out of thin air? Are you constantly creating characters out of people in your everyday life? Do you come up with five different scenarios of how a situation could play out?

If so, you’re probably a natural-born storyteller. You’re the person people point to when they want the story re-hashed, because you do it with gusto, captivating twists and turns, and embellishments here and there to keep your audience hooked. Storytelling involves imagination and enthusiasm, two qualities that can be almost impossible to teach if it isn’t something you innately possess. 

You can harness your imagination to create magical new worlds for people and get paid for it. If you don’t believe us, just read up on Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s rags-to-riches story. There are other careers suited for storytellers besides novel writing. They include story producer, videographer, editor, copywriter, blogger, or even a social media influencer.

Animated Talker

Has anyone ever told you that your voice sounds “like a cartoon?” If you have the kind of voice that draws attention when you’re out in public, with its pitch, range, and inflections, consider this a good sign. We’re willing to bet you’re no stranger to replicating accents with impressive accuracy or mimicking others, either.

Or maybe your voice isn’t as energetically colorful, but it’s soothing to the soul and one that puts people instantly at ease when they hear it. Call it “easy on the ears” if you must, it’s one that’s full of potential.

You could utilize that golden voice of yours for voice-overs. It’s an ever-growing field, especially in remote work. There’s a range of work that you can lend your voice to. That includes anything from audiobook readings and on-air advertisements, to documentary narration or even becoming the signature voice of a cartoon on a TV show or a movie.

It’s no secret. You’ll begin to lead a happier, more fulfilled life when you start tapping into the gifts that feel the most natural to you. When purpose and paycheck collide, the world will start to feel more like a bright, blank canvas that’s full of endless possibilities you can hardly wait to explore.