How to Dress for an Interview and Stand Out from the Crowd

The dreaded decision of what to wear for an interview can be a tricky dilemma even for the fashionistas among us. The days of a standard black suit, tie, and shiny shoe combo are a thing of the past. 

Nowadays, people tend to think long and hard about what they would be expected to wear on an average workday to show that they can fit into the company. Easier said than done, especially if the job comes with a uniform; then what?

Well, regardless of what position you are going for, if your future career is in an office or a physical labor role, we suggest that a suit is the best decision in any scenario. 

Today’s fashion means there are many suit styles to choose from. Colors, textures, fit, and cuts can all be selected to put together a more casual interview look or dressed up for a more professional style. Whatever you choose, it’s crucial your look helps you be remembered when all is said and done!

Dress Professionally 

Dressing professionally may be an obvious statement to make, but the etiquette of professional dressing is often forgotten or overlooked. When preparing your outfit, remember the interviewer will view your clothes to see how much care you put into yourself and, therefore, your career.

Don’t let your suit down by forgetting to button your top hole or tying your tie too short; you don’t want to come across as a rebellious schoolboy! Use cufflinks to show you care about the finer details and ensure your suit jacket sits a little above your shirt sleeves; this gives a clean and confident look. 

Be Prepared 

On the day, the little things could be what sets you apart from the crowd. This includes the small details in your outfit. When reflecting upon potential candidates, don’t let your interviewer remember you as the one who forgot to clean their shoes or press their tie. Make them remember you for something positive!

Furthermore, personal grooming is just as important as what you wear. Get a haircut, trim your beard, or shave beforehand, and don’t forget about your fingernails. Again, the way in which you take care of yourself will show the amount of respect you have for yourself.  

Add Some Personality

A sea of black suits walks in and out of the interview room. By the end, it’s hard to put a name to a face. By adding some personality to your look, you will not get lost in the crowd. A little hint of who you are will help your resume stay with your interviewer long after you’ve left. 

The easiest and most subtle way to do this is by matching your dark suit with a more colorful or textured tie. A pink tie can be a great combination with a navy blue suit, for example. It’s still professional but on-trend and modern. Additionally, a lapel pin can be a great conversation piece or a contrasting flash of color from your socks.

Be Comfortable

You’re nervous, sweaty, and maybe a little shaky, so don’t add to your discomfort by choosing a suit that doesn’t fit properly. You’ll want to be able to concentrate on the interview questions rather than your trousers digging in or your shirt buttons about to explode. 

Comfort brings confidence, so ensure the new suit you bought or the lucky one you got out of the wardrobe fits standing up and sitting down! We don’t all have the luxury of being able to buy from a tailor, but a trusty good measure and some online guidance will ensure your suit makes you look like a leader. 

Don’t Forget Your Manners! 

No matter how well you dress and how well-groomed you are, manners are key. Shaking hands and saying please and thank you are not difficult tasks to accomplish, but they show a considerable amount about your personality. 

Be thankful for the opportunity, and try to ask relevant questions to show more interest in the position at the end. Sit with an open posture, and don’t forget to smile!