A Review of Rob Booker’s Traders Podcast | Who Is Rob Booker?

Podcasts have always been a great way to follow your interests and listen to what experts have to say about the market and economic conditions. A popular trader’s platform that has been growing in popularity has been Rob Booker’s Traders Podcast. 

But who is Rob Booker and what is the podcast about? 

Rob Booker is a financial trader with more than a decade of experience, particularly with the foreign exchange market. His podcast teaches trading techniques including the secrets that made him a millionaire. Since Rob Booker began his career and business in trading, he has hosted many podcasts covering a diverse range of market topics. 

All Rob Bookers Podcasts are available on his website for those who want to learn and gain insights on market trends.  

Rob discusses four separate phases that you will go through as you get into trading:

  1. The Support and Resistance Years
  2. Divergence Trading Years
  3. Carry Trade
  4. A Full-Time Trader

Trading Products Of Rob Booker

Booker claims to have gone from zero to $7 million in trading. And now helps more than 2000 traders through his website. However, it is not confirmed whether these traders are able to make money the way he does or not.  

Booker’s trade mentoring and guidance program consists of 24/7 access to all features of his podcasts that include:

  1. Newsletters
  2. Trade Alerts
  3. Webinars
  4. Videos
  5. Audios
  6. Indicators
  7. Live Chat Room

Rob Booker’s Affliates

Booker has an affiliation with Gallant FX, a brokerage firm. People should be aware of this if they want to join a paid course.

Trading Robots

Booker also has a selection of trading bot programs. These bots are sold for more than 200 dollars. An individual receives around 5 to 6 bots when they purchase any of his plans, along with lifetime.

The two main bots that he owns are:

  1. The Finch is a bot that was manufactured to look and find various differences in a time frame of 5 minutes. This bot was created to trade into five different pairs of currencies. 
  1. The Kingfisher is a bot that has some similarities to the Finch. However, this bot’s main job is mainly analyzing the overbought and oversold levels in the trade industry. This is very much similar to the RSI bot used by the foreign exchange.