A Review of Rob Booker’s Traders Podcast | Who Is Rob Booker?

Podcasts have always been a great way to follow your interests and listen to what experts have to say about the market and economic conditions. A popular trader’s platform that has been growing in popularity has been Rob Booker’s Traders Podcast. 

Readers have been requesting us to review the podcasts of Rob Booker. But if you are new here, do you know who Rob Booker is and what his podcasts are about? 

Rob Booker is one of the trading gurus of this time who teaches effective ways of trading along with sharing his own trading secrets that made him a millionaire. He is a very famous individual that hosts a series of podcasts in the US. 

For this reason, people in the trading circles knows and respects him.  Well, we assume you guessed it right, his podcasts are all about trading schemes and tips. Since Rob Booker began his career and business in trading, he has hosted many podcasts covering a diverse range of market topics. 

All Rob Bookers Podcasts are available on his website where he charges a nominal fee for those who want to learn and gain insights on market trends. Moreover, he has various up-sells that are expensive as compared to the digital audio and video files he shares. He currently has more than 700 followers who follow his podcasts and teachings to receive guidance. 

Furthermore, Rob Booker states that he has an experience of more than a decade for working in the foreign exchange market. The Forex market includes aspects of selling, buying and exchanging currencies at varied prices. In addition to that, he claims to summarize his experience into four separate phases where he learned a lot. Booker describes these phases as:

  1. The Support and Resistance Years
  2. Divergence Trading Years
  3. Carry Trade
  4. A Full-Time Trader

As a result, after the introduction part of this review, we shall see whether the products of Rob Booker are a real deal in the trading industry or not. 

The Trading Products Of Rob Booker

The famous trader, Rob Booker, claims that he sells his products from his office which is located in Gilbert, Arizona, USA. However, a lot of people state that this location is wrong and there is no office present at the associated location. 

Other than that, Booker has a sales website with his own name where he claims that he can help people to make money through trading as he himself went from zero to $7 million. In addition to that, he claims to have maintained a community of more than 2000 traders through his website and has received phenomenal success over the year thanks to his network and connections. However, it is not confirmed whether these traders are able to make money the way he does or not.  

Booker’s trade mentoring and guidance program consists of 24/7 access to all features of his podcasts that include:

  1. Newsletters
  2. Trade Alerts
  3. Webinars
  4. Videos
  5. Audios
  6. Indicators
  7. Live Chat Room

His offer is not only attractive and appealing to traders, but to all individuals that are aware of his program. The reason for it is that he not only targets traders but also the people who have a desire to get invest smart and make millions! Moreover, he uses the platform of the foreign trade market to teach methods of identifying market trends, trading tips, and ways of making big money. 

Booker is recorded to have entered the trading industry sometime around 2006 and since then he has offered many products that include a trade-copier service, a life-time membership of his podcasts and his collection of trading robots. These products have their perks and have helped many traders make more money. 

However, it is still unclear to us whether he has really helped those who subscribed to him and his products or not. We are yet to establish if people really got value for their money from his products or not. However, Booker’s website looks a lot like a trading school of a foreign exchange market rather than a sales-oriented website. This indicates that he is really there to help and guide. 

Furthermore, Booker does not introduce himself as a trader or someone who only trades for a living. But instead, he is a true salesman as he puts efforts and emphasis on his newsletters, emails, and contacts in general. 

The Copy-Trade Service Of Rob Booker

This trading service of Booker is known as an affiliate service that requires people to open up an account with Gallant FX after registering themselves for this service. This copy-trade service represents a deal with Booker and a brokerage firm. 

For some people, this is purely a selfish act of Booker that he focuses only on making money rather than helping struggling traders. Whereas some people believe there is nothing wrong with selling and recreating stuff as long as he is not forcing or stealing money from them. Smart people are those who learn from Booker’s experience and enthusiasm and then make their own decisions. 

The Trading Robots Of Rob Booker

As mentioned above, Booker also has a collection of trading bots. These bots are sold for more than 200 dollars and are received in packages. An individual receives around 5 to 6 bots when they purchase any of his plans. Along with that, an individual also receives lifetime updates for all the bots they acquire. 

The two main bots that he owns are:

  1. The Finch is a bot that was manufactured to look and find various differences in a time frame of 5 minutes. This bot was created to trade into five different pairs of currencies. 
  1. The Kingfisher is a bot that has some similarities to the Finch. However, this bot’s main job is mainly analyzing the overbought and oversold levels in the trade industry. This is very much similar to the RSI bot used by the foreign exchange. The RSI is an automated expert advisor at Forex. 

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