5 Major Mistakes That Can Damage Your Teeth

We all are very well aware of oral health, and for that, we brush our teeth once or twice a day. But is this enough? Or are we missing out on something? Actually, brushing your teeth twice a day is the least we can do for a perfect smile, according to this reputable dentist in Modesto CA. In fact, we make a lot of mistakes that lead to a lot of oral health issues and diseases.

If you are here to find out about them, then we have got you covered. Below in this article, we have mentioned a few significant mistakes we make in our day to day life that can potentially damage our teeth. To find out about them, continue reading.

1.    We Press the Toothbrush Too Hard

One of the major mistakes we all make, which we think is right, is we press our brush too hard while brushing our teeth. It doesn’t have to be this way. When it comes to brushing teeth, there is a proper technique that everyone should follow. If we are brushing too hard or not using the right toothbrush, then altogether it can lead to damage teeth and gums with other problems like enamel wear and receding gums. All of this can ultimately lead to tooth sensitivity. 

2.    We Don’t Heed to What and How Much We Eat

Snacking all the time is not only bad for our health but also our teeth as well. Not paying attention to what we eat and how much we eat can damage your teeth. Snacking in between meals increases the contact of food with our teeth that causes plaque to develop, which leads to cavities. Similarly, eating too many sweet things can also cause cavities, which later on turns into serious problems. Therefore, by not snacking all the time and eating food that has calcium, phosphorus, and fluorine in it, you can prevent your teeth from damage. 

3.    We Don’t Consider Dental Braces

Many people think that they can only make their teeth straight during their teen years. When their teenage passes, they start thinking that they are too old to wear dental braces to straighten. Fortunately, that is not a valid conclusion. You can undergo this procedure even after your teen years. For those who feel embarrassed to wear regular braces can always choose Invisible Aligners, which is not that expensive if you are considering to get a pretty smile. 

4.    We Tend to Chew on One Side of the Mouth

You know it is true. Most of us tend to chew only on one side of our mouth. Chewing contains self-cleaning properties. So, when you are eating on one side of your mouth, you are allowing cavities and tooth decay to develop on the other side of the mouth. In addition to this, eating on one side of the mouth leads to thick and strong muscles on that side. As a result, muscles on both sides of the face become asymmetric. Sooner or later, it causes pain and even hearing problems. 

5.    We Overlook Our Gums

There is no denying that our primary focus has always been our teeth, and we tend to overlook the health of our gums. If we don’t take care of our gums properly, they become weak and due to less than enough blood supply, and it causes periodontitis. With this disease, gums bleed, become soft and inflamed, and reveal dental necks, which eventually leads to tooth loss. Therefore, if you want to make your gums healthy, then massage them with your toothbrush in circular movements.