How to Use Contact Lenses the Right Way

Contact lenses are a nice alternative for eyeglasses particularly if you dislike the frames feel on your eyes, the constant fogging of eyeglasses, etc.  But, are you using your contact lenses in the right and healthy way? You will need to ensure you take good care of them, to take good care of your eyes and we have a few tips to help you with this. 

Wash your hands before use

This is one important and necessary health precaution with your lenses. Contact lenses are delicate and any improper handling can result in eye problems. Before you handle them, make sure that you wash and rinse your hands properly. You want to avoid touching your contact lenses with oils or perfumes that could cause irritation to your eyes. Washing your hands before contact ensures that you don’t blur your vision through the lens. 

Clean them after each use

Did you know that you are supposed to clean your contact lenses after each use? Well, it’s recommended that you disinfect it with a proper lens cleaning solution. Of course, the reason for cleaning them is to avoid eye infections and other diseases

Tip: Don’t clean your lens with saliva, tap water, soap or detergent. 

Don’t mix solutions while cleaning

Although it is so tempting not to discard a cleaning solution, it is advisable you do so. Mixing a new and old solution weakens the disinfecting capabilities of the new one. By doing so, you make your lens susceptible to germs which can cause eye diseases. 

Don’t wear lenses longer than the recommended time

We understand how much you love your lenses and at times it is hard to let go of them. Most people tend to overuse their lenses longer than the recommended time. 

Eye specialists recommend that contact lenses that are properly disinfected can be reused for a few weeks before discarding them. 

After that, you will need to get new contact lenses. You can buy new ones online from trusted stores. You can even use Walgreens Stores when buying the lenses to save on your replacement costs.  The store has many weekly offer ads you can look at when shopping for a new lens.

Ensure Zero water contact

Contact lenses and water don’t like each other. As much you love having them on, try not to swim with them. Remember that they can carry germs and bacteria from the water into your eyes. This also applies to when you are taking a shower or engaging in any water activity.

Take a break

People have different reasons for wearing lenses but generally speaking, it is recommended that you take breaks from wearing them. The best place to start is to avoid sleeping with contact lenses. When at home resting, you can do without them, or switch to sunglasses once in a while if you can.

Tip: Experts recommend a two-week break from contacts to give your eyes a break.

Final thoughts

To have a healthy relationship with your contacts, you need to treat and handle them with care. From prepping to preserving them, it is quite clear that any mishandling can lead to eye problems. Maintaining hygiene is definitely the way to get started and as you use them, remember to take breaks. 

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