How Memory Foam Mattresses Can Relieve Your Pain

A bedroom is an important place in our house as we gain the rest & spend the night. More importantly, it must contain a good bed & a mattress. Most of us want our place to look stylish but along with that, it is also a big factor that our bed should be comfortable. You might be surprised to know that beds are also having a big role in our body pain. It can cause pain or even relive the same. In this article, I will be going to introduce you to a memory foam bed that could give you a wonderful advantage. Memory foam is nothing but a latex mattress for an adjustable bed.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam was first designed by NASA in the mid 1960’s for astronauts. It is made up of a polymer known as polyurethane which has a vast application in car seats, sofas & spray foam. The other name of memory foam is ‘visco-elastic foam’, which has a longer lifespan over the spring mattress. Its “Visco” part uses the heat of a person to form the exact shape. Due to good support providing features, memory foam beds are used in the medical sector.

Almost in every part of the world, these types of beds are popular. Talking about the availability, there are different types of bed frames available and it is easy to get a bed frame with headboard for a memory foam mattress in the market.

Relation of memory foam bed and body pain:

If you are one who is suffering from body pain, then memory foam bed could be your cup of tea. It helps in relieving the pain on the pressure point. Most of the older beds have springs and this brings out discomfort while memory form eliminates springs. So this is a good option for those who are suffering from back pain or any other body pain.

The manufacturer claims that this helps in relieving the pain. As memory foam beds are used in the medical field, it is not much of a surprise to see wheel beds, padding & bed pillows in hospitals for people suffering from chronic pain.

When anyone lies on the memory foam, the heat of the body softens it. The bodyweight of a person is evenly distributed which tends to reduce the pressure on the heaviest parts of the body. Additionally, it also promotes good blood circulation in the body. Moreover, it absorbs movements that means even if your partner is moving, you will not get disturbed. So this is one of the merits for those who are lighter sleepers.

Talking about the structure & form, this is an excellent latex mattress for an adjustable bed. So this is another advantage that this type of mattress could be considered. The structure of this type of mattress is dense that reduces the building of allergens & blocking the dust. 

Key benefits of memory foam:

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • It is durable
  • Prevent and relieve the pain
  • Easily fit the adjustable bed
  • Spine alignment
  • It is suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Different kind of positions can be accommodated
  • The material adjusts to the shape of the person
  • It supports the alignment of the body


There are plenty of manufacturers who deal with the type of beds. Depending on the type, the cost of mattress and bed varies. The average cost varies from $84 to $225 (6000 to 16000 INR) depending on the quality. Are you looking for this product? Check out our page, bed frame with headboard for a memory foam mattress.  

Final touch:

This type of mattress & bed is a good option for everyone who is suffering from any type of pain & that’s why memory foam bed used in the medical field. If you are planning to buy a mattress or a bed then go with the memory foam mattress & bed. Hope you get useful information from this article, feel free to share your thoughts in the below section.