How to Keep Off the Weight After Liposuction

The decision to undergo liposuction of any kind isn’t one that’s generally taken lightly. Both men and women who elect this procedure often do so with the intention of contouring their bodies to a preferred aesthetic. While it’s a common misconception that liposuction is a solution for weight loss, this just isn’t the case. Patients who see great success with results from liposuction are in fact close to a healthy weight in relationship to their body type prior to having the procedure performed. The less excess body fat there is to remove initially, the more closely aligned results can be with the preferences of the patient. 

Once a clear understanding is in place with what liposuction aims to achieve, a patient can expect successful and long-term results. While the results of liposuction will leave a patient with a more contoured physique, what happens after the procedure is just as important to lasting results as the preparation that takes place prior to liposuction. Many patients assume that because fat cells have been removed from an area, the potential for fat to reappear in these areas is eliminated post-procedure. Unfortunately, just as liposuction isn’t meant to be used as a weight loss solution, it also doesn’t work as a weight loss guarantee in the future. Patients who have undergone liposuction should have a firm plan in place to keep weight off after liposuction in order to maintain the great results they’ve achieved. The following are five simple steps to keeping your physique in top shape after liposuction.

Make Water a Daily Indulgence

Water is one of the most simple, accessible and successful elements a patient can incorporate into their daily lives after liposuction in order to promote and maintain long-term results. Swapping out those sugary beverages for a cold glass of water is an easy way to cut calories and keep the body well hydrated at the same time. It’s often recommended that a person drink at least 64 ounces of water a day when the goal is overall weight loss or weight maintenance. Increasing the amount of water consumed on a daily basis assists the body with its natural fat-burning process and tends to help you feel fuller for longer. To that end, drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal can make it easier to adjust to smaller portions. With so many benefits in a single glass, water is one of those things you can feel great indulging in after liposuction.

Create a Sustainable Exercise Routine

Many cosmetic physicians will recommend that a patient that has just undergone liposuction take a break from physical exercise for about two weeks following the procedure. After that time, light exercise is recommended with full exercise being resumed at approximately six weeks post-procedure. Once a patient is back on track for regular exercise, creating a sustainable routine is key to keeping weight off. It’s easy to want to push a bit too hard in order to maintain successful results, but over the long-term, sticking to a regiment that’s fun, good for your body and fits into your daily routine should be a priority. Designing an exercise plan that balances cardio, resistance and aerobic exercises is a good way to utilize all muscles of the body while keeping exercise versatile and invigorating. Incorporating small exercises throughout the day is beneficial as well. For those that work in an office, transitioning to a standing desk is a sure way to burn calories even while semi-stationary. Similarly, swapping out elevator rides for the stairs and limiting television time at home keeps the blood flowing and the body moving. 

Stick to a Healthy Diet

It’s easy to fall back into bad eating habits once liposuction has provided such great results. Many patients believe that treating themselves here and there won’t do much harm to their new physique. Unfortunately, fat cells have the ability to congregate anywhere on the body and introducing sugar and highly processed foods post-liposuction can unravel results that were initially thrilling. In order to maintain long-term success after liposuction, be sure to have a plan in place for a healthy diet. Lean foods are ideal when it comes to meals that promote healthy living. Vegetables and fruits are a great starting point and high calorie and high sugar products should be swapped out for protein and fiber-packed items instead. For those who are fans of fried foods, switching up methods of preparation could be all it takes to keep on the lean side of life. Boiling and baking are great substitutes for frying while butter can be replaced with olive oil or coconut oil.

Keep Stress to a Minimum

In the busy modern world in which we live, this is something that seems easier to say than to do, but keeping stress to a minimum is key to keeping the weight off for those that have recently undergone liposuction. Heightened levels of stress lead to increased cortisol levels in the body. As these levels rise, so do cravings for calorie-packed foods that are often turned to as physical and emotional cushions. The cycle only gets more difficult as sugary foods lead to increased insulin levels in the body which can ultimately promote the storage of fat cells as metabolism is decreased. Finding a few simple ways to reduce daily stress is a great strategy for keeping those long-term liposuction results firmly in place. Consider taking a few moments out of the day to participate in meditation or yoga when it comes to maintaining a sense of balance and peace in a stressful environment. Alternatively, finding time to head to the spa, get a massage or just enjoy a few moments of quiet is a great way to unwind, relax and ultimately help your body stay in its best shape.

Find Someone to Keep You Accountable

Prior to undergoing liposuction, it’s important that a patient has someone to turn to for questions, conversation, and support. After the procedure, having someone to keep you accountable for maintaining a healthy overall lifestyle is key to keeping those successful results in place. When another person is privy to your plans, it’s easier to stick to those post-procedure goals you’ve set for yourself. Having someone check-in and see how you’re doing can be an uplifting moment that keeps motivation to remain healthy high. If you have a support system of people that are willing to participate in these healthy-living steps alongside you, all the better!


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