7 Things Everyone Wants When They’re Sick

It’s a privilege if we’re ill to be filled with people who genuinely want to help a sick friend. Want a better way in your life to have these people? Consider yourself one of them! If you’ve just heard the flu from your best friend or reached out that the lady who often gives your kid a ride home after a soccer game is recovering from an injury, finding ways to help is a generosity that you do not just for them, but for yourself as it makes you happy. Here are some things that everyone wants when they are sick;

A (real) day off

Sick days are awesome. They’ve been created occasionally because, you know, people get sick. But unless you’re an astrophysicist or whatever, chances are you’re hiding your disease and going through the day of work in slight to terrible pain. Besides putting other people at risk of catching anything you’ve got, you’re definitely going to worsen the illness. Who does not want a sick leave for real?

Attention and Care

Every person in this world needs care, time and attention. You definitely need to check on your friend or the sick person. Warm their heart by creating small cute things that makes them happy. Surprise them with a calming bath salt basket, a bubble bath, and a lovely candle. Enter in and make a hot cup of your favorite tea with a few fresh notebooks. . You can also go for get well soon gifts. You can get it from get well soon hampers sydney or you can also customize it.  Not only will customized gifts comfort them, they will also melt their heart. A visit and call would be appreciated too.

Comfort Food

You can always cook for them. Make them a bowl of soup or something that comforts them. Refrain from giving the person high in trans-fats and empty calories for junk foods, as this won’t support their immune system when they recover from their disease. Foods such as soup, porridge, oatmeal, and fruit smoothies are all great meal choices for a person who feels sick and weak.


Another easy way to comfort a sick person is by recommending you both play a video game or watch a favorite movie or show together just to divert them from their illness. It shows that the person cares, and you can at least enjoy it if you don’t want to sleep while you’re doing your required “rest.”


Making sure they remain hydrated is the most essential thing, so give them plenty of water. Anti inflammatory such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen can help to lower their temperature. At last, a lazy bath or a wet wipe pressed against their face, chest, arms, legs, and back may help reduce the temperature of the body. Then cover them with a light blanket or sheet of bed to protect them from sweating. Whether it’s a soft pillow, a pair of socks, or anything with or in which you can snuggle back and rest. A smoother thing to do, too, is to get them something thoughtful. 

Note, people often avoid asking as they don’t want to seem like a burden. They just don’t feel good enough other times to worry about the places they need support. Yet thinking about ways to support a sick person takes a little time and energy. You have some ideas to choose from with this list, find a few that suit your life and budgets and be diligent in doing them. Feeling loved by the people we care about is all its own great therapy.