How CBD May Reduce Drug Cravings in People with Heroin Addiction

CBD has been subjected to numerous studies to find out the health benefits it holds. So far, there is a lot that has been discovered about this potent compound that is derived from cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana. Recent studies on the compound show that it may reduce heroine craving have surprised many people.

The study was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry after studies in over 40 people with heroin addiction. They were exposed to the use of CBD in controlled doses in a lab where they were also subjected to a situation that triggered heroin cravings. They all reported experiencing a lower craving while those who did not get the dose reported a high craving.

Although the report is not yet conclusive, medical scientists are of the opinion that this is promising. CBD has a high chance of curing heroin addiction. So, people should wait for more tests and research to conclude the matter and come up with a definite answer.

How CBD Works to Stop Heroin Addiction

So far, the known information on how CBD works to curb heroin addiction is not detailed. But one thing that is known is that it does not have any addiction risks like other solutions that are used to act on the opioid receptors. Thus, it may turn out to be the best option in the medical sector.

Some research conducted on animals with a heroin addiction showed that CBD reduced the opioid-seeking behavior in them. Later, the study moved to people with an intention to know whether CBD could react negatively when used together with heroin during the reduction process. It turned out that there were no side-effects. This made it safe for people to visit websites like and buy the recommended dose of CBD for use to stop opioid addiction.

So, the researchers have concluded that CBD works to reduce the action of drug receptors even when someone is subjected to cues that trigger the craving. They also mentioned that if it is used without the triggering cues, the results could even be better. Thus, it is easy to stop the craving if CBD is used well. Future research is determined to come up with a conclusion on all of this.

Precautions of Using CBD to Curb Heroin Addiction

Doctors and psychiatric experts have stressed that it is not recommended to use CBD to treat heroin addiction at home. The main danger is that people may not know the right amount of CBD to take and the duration to take it.

If you are treating other conditions like pain and inflammation and you are already aware of the dosage to take, then this is fine. But for the sake of curbing heroin addiction alone, then you should seek the help of a medical doctor.


There is a lot of hope that CBD will help people with an opioid disorder to curb it. But this is not yet conclusive as of now. People can only do it as a test under the observation of experts. When the studies and research are conclusive, people will fully benefit without suffering side-effects.