Jewelry From Ashes – Remembering Your Loved One

Losing a loved one is never easy. Even after years of their passing, there will always be days when you miss and long for them and their presence. Most of the time, you might feel that your deceased loved ones have already gone too far away from you, especially if they are buried in a place farther from your home. This should not always be the case because you could actually be closer to them than you think. If you want to prepare a special tribute for your loved one and the memories you have shared together while always keeping them close to your heart, then you should consider getting memorial jewellery pieces for you to always have. If you want to always remember and have your deceased loved one’s memory close to you, you can have jewellery made from the ashes of a loved one.

A Unique Tribute

Some people bury their deceased loved ones, while some place them in mausoleums so that they could visit their graves any time they want to pay tribute or remember their loved one. Other people opt for a cremation and have a special homage such as sprinkling the ashes out to the sea or using the ashes to plant a new tree. But what if you have a large family and each of you wants something to remember your loved one by? Having jewellery pieces which could be shared throughout the entire family while keeping a little part of your loved one to always remember him or her by is one of the most unique tributes you could give.

Keepsake Jewellery

Keepsake jewellery are the best pieces to choose if you want something which you could use and wear every day. Only a little bit of your loved one’s ashes is placed inside the jewellery which you can wear as a necklace or as a bracelet with a chain. S. Stibbards & Sons have different kinds of designs you could choose from depending on your preferences. All designs are made with a silver finish that is perfect for casual or even formal wear. You could either choose one that is shaped like a conch, cross, dragonfly, heart, or even a teardrop. They also have a silver chain available for you to purchase so that your jewellery is already ready to wear once you receive it.

Memorial Jewellery

If you want something more unique and personalised, you can opt for memorial jewellery pieces which you can get in different finishes such as gold, silver or platinum. For memorial jewellery, the cast of your deceased loved one’s fingerprint is incorporated on the design of each piece. You can have keyrings made which you could attach to your bags, jeans, keys, and anywhere else. If you want something you could wear, you could either choose a pendant with their fingerprint, or you could choose a ring for something more special and unique. You could choose a different design for each member of your family, or you could choose one design for all of you.

Memorial Paperweight

A paperweight may just seem like a basic, typical and boring piece to consider, but that simply isn’t the case at all. With S. Stibbards & Sons, you would get an elegant looking piece with paperweights made out of glass. Expert glassblowers work on each piece by twisting different coloured glass and frosting it with your loved one’s ashes. This specially designed piece will then be encased with a fine crystal glass to represent a spiritual embrace. The overall look and design of this paperweight is an impeccable tribute to your loved one’s life that was well-lived. It also has a perfect shape, perfectly fitting in the palm of your hands. It is available in five different colours: Ruby, Purple, Green, Black, or Blue. You can make it more personalised and sentimental by engraving your own personal message underneath.

Ashes into Glass

  1. Stibbards & Sons also partner with a local company, Ashes into Glass, so that you could seal and retain the ashes of your deceased loved one in memorial items made out of glass. There are different kinds of jewellery pieces you could choose from by looking into their extensive brochure to see the complete collection. Options you could look into are signet rings, round pendants, and memorial cufflinks which you could all use even for formal events. With Ashes into Glass, you could get jewellery with your loved one’s ashes which look premium, elegant, and timeless.