How to Use Human Resources Software to Benefit Your Employees

Most people have a view of the HR department as being the people who hire new recruits and deal with the administrative side of the business. It’s appreciated that they work hard but few understand just how critical HR teams to organisations and how beneficial they are to employees specifically. If you’ve ever wondered just what Human Resources can do for you and your colleagues, here are some reasons you should be aware of and why you may want to stop by your HR office more often.

Career Planning

HR teams are focused on helping the business reach its goals and strategic objectives, but one of the main ways they achieve this is by helping employees to progress in their careers and identify the areas where they can improve. This is where the utility of resources like Cezanne’s HR software can stand out in terms of organised planning. HR will be able to help you plan your career trajectory and work towards individual goals, building up the skills you need to succeed.

Continual Development and Learning

You may not be aware but many organisations are willing to invest in your education and development, whether that’s through workshops, online courses or in-person education. For example, if you feel your career isn’t progressing because you’re lacking a specific skill, your HR department may be able to organise training so you can gain the skills you need to perform your role better.

Help with CVs

HR teams don’t want you to leave the company and employee retention is a big part of what they do but having an up to date CV isn’t only beneficial for those times when you leave a job. You may want to apply for an internal promotion or perhaps you’re applying for membership to a professional society and need evidence of your skills. HR teams can assist you with this – furthermore, if you happen to lose your job, they may assist you with writing your CV to find another role.

Personal Issues

If you’re dealing with personal problems that are hindering your ability to do your job properly, it’s worth stopping by the HR office. From problems at work such as bullying or sexual harassment to mental health problems or addiction, HR professionals can help you make a plan to maintain your wellbeing and protect you against disciplinaries if you’re needing more time off work than usual.

Legal Protection

HR managers aren’t legal professionals but they do have a solid understanding of employment law. If your co-worker complains that they are being harassed at work or you need advice on a threat from a colleague and don’t know what to do to protect yourself, your HR team should be aware immediately. Even if it’s just to have it in writing that something has occurred, it’s beneficial to make them aware so you can protect yourself from a legal perspective. Legal problems can quickly escalate out of control but having your HR team on your side is a big relief and they will know exactly when to let things lie and when to call in professional help.