Does Fashion Represent Personality Traits?

Life is a journey and becoming better every day is the goal. We all want to be the best in our own way. For this purpose the first thing we try to improve of ourselves is our physical appearance and no doubt, to some extent, good clothing sense expresses the personality. There was a time when people used to wear simple clothes and the purpose of it was to keep body warm and relatively dry. But now clothes have developed from a practical asset to a social marker. These days new fashion trends are the top most concerned talks in this society. Everyone wants to look better either it is man or woman but woman are more inclined towards fashion. In this life where everyone is busy in his job, it has now become difficult to find time to go to the market and purchase clothes but the ecommerce sites have made all the things easy especially for women. Now they can buy their favorite outfits in the best prices at just one click. Visit insport and get the discounts on different apparels.

Reflection of clothes:

The clothes we wear send strong signals to our friends and strangers, describing the inner image of us that we want to display. Most of the people while searching the clothes on different websites become anxious but this is normal because choosing two or three clothes among so many is quite difficult. There are a lot of habits that helps in leveraging such stress issues.

Dress to impress:

Clothes have not always been as influential the strength of our personalities as they are today. Because of technical advancements over centuries fashion choices have become important. It will not be wrong to say that our fashion sense exude our personalities and social status.


It is not easy to tell what a person is like from their clothing. May be you think that a person wearing worn out clothes is poor , however, it might be possible that such clothes (even holes in it) is considered fashionable. Sometimes, clothing styles tell obvious things for example if a woman is wearing a gown with veil on her face, it means she is a Muslim.

Fashion psychology:

Many psychology factors help explain what motivates to be fashionable. For example, many people seem to have a need for uniqueness. Having a sense of personal style may be influential at a cognitive level. Wearing traditional clothes is a way to feel protective. It reflects the adherence to the religion. Style potentially has great power to maintain the relations with others, affecting our mental health.

Pride in appearance:

It is the bitter truth that we live in that society where people are degrading each other which lowers confidence, aggravates depression and badly effect mental health. In such situation, fashion is playing role in promoting a positive self-image and reducing mental health issues among individuals especially teenagers. Feeling comfortable in your skin can boost your self-confidence which consequently improves mental disorders.

Final thoughts:

Personality development is the overall development of an individual. As someone said it right that “a man is known by his dress and address” Always remember that whatever you wear it should reflect the real you. Clothes describe your inner thoughts and even what you want to achieve in your life. For example, if you love bright colors it means that your personality is charming and you are friendly. These colors impart positivity and comfort. Similarly, if you like clothes with designs of numbers, chants etc. It means you are bold and you likely to be creative and expressive. To put the matter in a nutshell, wear those clothes that suit your personality and be the one who you really are.