6 Tips to Prevent Your Breasts From Sagging

Saggy breasts are the bane of any woman desiring to look good. When you are young, your breasts are nice, firm, and healthy. Not only do your breasts look good, they feel good. For any woman, they represent the pinnacle of good health. However, as you age, if you do not care for them, they tend to sag, along with the muscles in your arms, legs, and buttocks. And, millions of women think sagging breasts are not particularly attractive.

Women are also coming to understand that sagging breasts also represent poor health. Researchers are also beginning to understand that poor breast management resulting in sagging breasts is an indicator of overall whole-body wellness. For instance, just like thinning hair and poor dental health, sagging breasts indicate declining health because some of the things that lead to sagging breasts, such as decreasing elasticity, is a systemic problem and not just located in the chest area.

  1. Sports bra

It might sound inappropriate to say that breasts should bounce, but a couple of bouncing breasts is a good indicator that your breasts are firm, healthy, and fine. That said, when you run, you might not want ten pounds of bouncing fatty tissue slamming up and down one step after another. Additionally, this repeated movement can lead to sagging breasts in the future. A normal bra is not really designed to support the extra weight of bouncing, so you need a sports bra. Only a sports bra is designed to support the repeated up-and-down movement of all that weight. It might sound trivial, but in ten years, you will thank yourself for taking the steps necessary to support your breasts and keep them firm. To start thanking yourself today, you should check out some of the best Australia Sports Bras and make a purchase your body will thank you for.

  1. Exercise

Of course, working out can keep your entire body slim and firm. However, chest exercises can do wonders for your breasts. Chest presses and incline presses can help build your chest muscles, but it is the decline press that builds the muscle along the bottom of your chest that supports and lifts your breasts. More decline presses might not make your breasts perky, but they will lift.

  1. Hide the matches

Burning your bra is an outdated term for defying the idea that healthy, firm, perky breasts are the attractive norm. Defiance might be a natural response to ogling authoritarians. However, the idea of not wearing bras is an over-generalized defiance that leads to premature sagging. If you are angry with men, you should demand they stop leering. You should not have to ruin your breasts to become invisible and escape their man eyes. Instead, you should support your buxom beauties, and defy them by remaining healthy.

  1. Sleep in your bra

Any time you can help your muscles support the added breast weight, you help keep them from sagging. Just about everyone is aware of the effect gravity has on muscle tissue. Things tend downward. Ongoing weight on the breasts stretch the chest tissue. Over time, you end up with a sagging body. However, sleeping in your bra represents a long-term solution to help keep your breasts firm. After all, people spend 33 percent of their lives asleep. Supporting your breasts during this time can help keep them firm for your waking life.

  1. Protein

Your breasts might be made up of fatty tissue, but the muscle supporting them needs protein. The best protein is plant based, so eat healthy amounts of peas, lentils, and quinoa. Other sources of protein include the following.

– peanuts

– cashews

– walnuts

– kidney beans

– black beans

– mung beans

In fact, researchers have found that vegetable protein is the only way to ward off breast cancer.

  1. Get them checked

You should receive a mammogram on a regular basis. More importantly, you should receive a 3D mammogram, which presents to your doctor a much more precise picture of your breasts than a traditional mammogram. Although mammograms are designed to identify lumps and have nothing to do with firm breasts, regular checks help identify potential problems. If a problem shows up, it will interrupt your entire health regimen, and you could ultimately wind up with saggy breasts.