Strengthen Your Body’s Systemic Enzymes with Vitalzym Xe 

Systemic enzymes are the building blocks that make all other mineral and vitamin supplements work effectively. The human body is made up of approximately 3,000 enzymes and there are more than 7,000 enzymic reactions constantly taking place.

What ingredients are in Vitalzym Xe?

World Nutrition’s extra strength Vitalzym is the planet’s most common and most effective vegetarian and all natural supplement for systemic enzymes. It consists of an unrivaled blend of Lipase, Rutin, Papain, Amla extract, Bromelain, Serrapeptase, and Protease.

Vitalzym Xe is currently the only systemic enzyme product that has capsules, which are enteric coated and have a liquid gel center. This means that, unlike powder based or tablet products, all of the enzymes reach the small intestine, having survived the high acidic conditions in the stomach.  Here they absorb into the body’s bloodstream and are dispersed across the whole body.

 This means that the 180 capsules that come in the bottle are smaller, and thus easier to swallow. Additionally, you will need to take fewer capsules each dose, and less doses each day whilst still receiving optimal systemic enzyme support. As a result of the unique delivery method, the high potency of the capsules, and the superior level at which the supplement is absorbed, there will be visible results in less than three months time. The benefit should be noticeable within weeks, or possibly even days.

How does Vitalzym Xe differ from other systemic enzyme supplements?

The extra strength supplement has been specially formulated to compliment its first of a kind delivery method, which enables increased effectiveness and fewer doses compared with the traditional Vitalzym supplement.

Some of the main differences between Vitalzym Xe and other systemic enzyme supplements include the fact that it is vegetarian, in non GMO, is twice as strong, has a lower cost per dose, its capsules are enteric coated to aid effective release of the ingredients, is liquid filled for maximum absorption, requires a lower dose, comes in a smaller bottle, and the packaging is completely recyclable. 

How will taking Vitalzym Xe benefit you?

Enzymes are often considered to be the sparks of life, as they are the catalysts that are able to provide you with a healthier body. Not only do they improve the digestive system, and the absorption of nutrients, but they also have an involvement in millions of the body’s vital functions.

Some of the more potent enzymes that can be found in Vitalzym Xe are designed to support good health. These are called proteolytic enzymes. It is the high Serrapetase content in the supplement that makes it so effective. The bodily support that Vitalzym Xe provides has been confirmed by numerous licensed healthcare practitioners. 

This is because the supplement has been specially designed to help support healthy joint function, healthy blood sugar levels, healthy inflammation response, healthy immune systems, plus so much more. 

More and more research is showing that enzymes can be beneficial in countless new ways, especially as a treatment for disease.