Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

Dental implants may be a good option if you ever need to replace any missing teeth. They last longer and are more stable than bridges or partials, or even dentures.

The dentists at Duke Bui DDS: Tacoma WA Dentist, have experience of dental implant treatments and can ensure the complete success and restoration of your teeth.

The mouth is greatly affected by missing teeth. The cosmetic problem they create can cause patients to become self-conscious about their smile. Missing teeth also have an impact on your teeth’s functionality. When a gap is formed, the other teeth naturally spread to fill this hole. Eventually, this triggers problems with your bite leading to potential discomfort, pain and even infection.

This kind of cosmetic issue can easily become a medical one, so it’s important to have a dental implant as soon as possible after a tooth is lost.

Duke Bui DDS: Tacoma WA Dentist offers to safely install dental implants with the help of state-of-the-art technology and non-metal options.

It takes only around 60 minutes to make a single implant, and the level of discomfort is described as relatively mild in the majority of cases.

The Procedure

Before your surgery, the dentists at Duke Bui DDS: Tacoma WA Dentist will discuss the options open to you.

Dental implants do not decay. The method doesn’t rely on any adjacent teeth like crowns or bridges to support the process. Indeed, implants are the closest to natural teeth that science has been able

Because they facilitate good underlying bone and gum health, dental implants have quickly become the treatment of choice for people who need t replace missing teeth.

Dental Implants Are Important

The bone surrounding a tooth requires constant stimulation by the tooth’s root to maintain its form and density and form. It is an important reason for choosing a dental implant if you have any missing teeth.

Teeth are constantly transferring stress to this bone, which encourages the bone to regenerate. Without this regenerative capability, the many stresses on the bone would ultimately cause its deterioration.

This bone deterioration can then lead to multiple problems, including:

  •         Other teeth falling out
  •         Problems with sinus
  •         Increased risk of gum disease
  •         Gum irritation.

Sinus is above the bone that surrounds your top teeth and is supported by the bone. If the bone is allowed to deteriorate, the sinus is no longer supported. It leads to gums being irritated, and results in gum irritation and potentially disease. Sinking sinuses can also cause headaches and other problems.

Also, bone deterioration coupled with the gap in your mouth could start your other teeth shifting. Your teeth can even begin to loosen and fall out.

These are among the many reasons why it is essential to have dental implants when you lose any teeth.