Top 3 Mods for Suzuki Savage 650

Your Suzuki Savage 650 has an awesome legacy behind it. For over 30 years, its single-cylinder design, combined with expert engineering, has delivered a reliable ride with plenty of torque.

The legacy continues with the Boulevard S40, but you still want to keep your 650 in top condition and personalize for your riding goals. You should always use the best Suzuki Savage 650 OEM parts. And, here are three elementary modifications to boost your bike’s performance.

1.  Replace Your Stock Air Filter

Replacing your stock air filter seems like a simple mod, but it will greatly improve airflow into your bike’s engine. The key is to find a filter that boosts airflow while screening out debris. K&N has a top reputation for quality high-flow air filters, so it’s no surprise that many riders choose them.

K&N’s OE Replacement High Flow models feature multiple layers of pleated high-flow woven cotton that increase airflow up to 50% more than paper filters. They’re also pre-oiled and fit directly into your bike’s stock airbox.

2.  Install a Slip-On Muffler

If you swap out your stock filter for a high-flow version, it’s a good idea to also add an exhaust mod. A slip-on mod isn’t a drastic change like replacing an entire exhaust system, but it’s an easy and inexpensive way to change sound and style of your bike while offering a small performance boost.

Two options are the SuperTrapp Megaphone and the Jardine Rumbler. Both look incredibly slick and are simple to install. One of the Rumbler’s selling points is the enhanced engine rumble, while the Megaphone features tunability with SuperTrapp’s signature disc end cap system.

3.  Rejet Your Carburetor

If you’re boosting air intake and exhaust, make sure your bike’s engine gets a proper fuel/air mixture. Depending on how lean your 650 runs from the factory, you may need to rejet its carburetor.

By changing the jet nozzles, you increase the amount of fuel the carburetor releases into the air. Dynojet’s Jet Kits are highly rated by riders because they’re affordable, high in quality and come with step-by-step installation instructions.

Rejetting can be a trial-and-error process that requires some testing and adjustments to get the mixture just right. Yet with a little persistence and patience, you’ll be rewarded with a balanced fuel/air mixture and better engine performance.

Finally, Don’t Forget to Suit Up

Modding your bike can turn into an awesome adventure. As you explore options with your 650, you may discover new ways to tune it for your preferences and riding style. No matter how you ride, remember that safety comes first and don’t forget your riding gear:  motorcycle helmets, jackets, pants, footwear and gloves.

Add body armor and/or a motorcycle jacket to absorb energy from impacts and reduce injury risks. It’s important to buy from reputable dealers along with your OEM parts, aftermarket mods, tires and tools. A trustworthy dealer will deliver top-quality products along with great customer service and expert assistance.